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Trip Details Report

The Trip Details report shows every recorded position of a vehicle, so that in the event of an audit you can provide a bread crumb trail to display where the vehicle traveled through during a selected period of time. The report includes the vehicle ID, the date and time when the Telematics device logged the position of the vehicle, the latitude, longitude, and a description of the vehicle's position, the jurisdiction the vehicle was in at the time and the odometer reading. 

Running the Report

  1. Click Reports. The Standard Reports list opens. 
  2. Click Trip Details report. The report opens. 
  3. Click the Settings icon to open the Filters panel. 
  4. Select the date range for the report. 
  5. Enter the ID of the vehicle you want to include in the report. 
  6. Click [Generate]. The report appears on the screen. 
  7. To export the report, click [Export CSV] or [Export PDF].

Report Details

The table below provides the path to the report and shows the reporting period. 

Report Location Reports > Trip Details Report
Maximum Reporting Period 92 days


Report Fields

Field Description
Vehicle ID The ID of the vehicle. 
Date/Time The date and time the position was logged by the Telematics device.
Latitude The latitude the vehicle was at. 
Longitude The longitude the vehicle was at. 
Position A description of the vehicle's position, such as 25 miles W of Towson. 
Jurisdiction The state/province the position is in. 
Odometer The vehicle's odometer reading when the position was taken.


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