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Scheduling the On-Site Audit

Scheduling the On-Site Audit 

Records RequestedThe auditor will discuss a specific date and time for the audit to be performed. The time is normally within the next 30 days, but you may request an extension depending on company schedule or holidays. 

Auditors may request access to all vehicles (rather than a sample), but depending on the size of your company, this may not be practical. You may request that the auditor examine a sampling of some vehicles and apply that activity as an average to the fleet. 

To do:

  1. Ask for a specific list of requested documents.

    Designating which documents to prepare will save you time and help you avoid unnecessary transfer of proprietary information.
  2. Request a select period to be audited. 

    Normally, auditors will propose to audit three quarters within the past four years of fuel tax data (six months for HOS logs). You may request that the audit cover a specific or more recent period to make information gathering simpler.
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