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IFTA Audit Process


This learning path provides guidance for managing an International Fuel Tax Association (IFTA) audit.

Tax audits in general are very stressful for any business. Understanding the process of an audit can relieve stress, save resources, and reduce potential tax liability. IFTA jurisdictions (48 contiguous states & 10 Canadian provinces) periodically audit trucking companies to ensure fuel tax revenue matches the area driven.

In the event your jurisdiction mandates an audit of your company's fuel tax records, use this guide to prepare documentation, learn what to expect, and avoid potential hazards.

For more information, visit for fuel tax information, including regulations, jurisdiction information, and audit manuals.

IFTA audits tend to progress in the same sequence no matter the jurisdiction. This lesson leads you through the events of an IFTA audit and what you can expect to occur during each event. When your jurisdiction contacts you for an audit, ask the auditor what to expect, including a timeline of events. 

The following presentation was created specifically for Omnitracs by KM Karr Consulting, certified Tax Specialist.

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