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Most Frequent Active Faults

The Most Frequent Active Faults panel shows the five most commonly-reported faults within the past 14 days. The data is presented as a bar chart.



Understanding Active Faults Data



The x axis shows the five most commonly-reported fault types and their associated Suspect Parameter Numbers (SPNs).

The y axis shows the number of faults (for that type) occurring within the past 14 days.


Working with the Active Faults Panel



How do I?
See the exact number of faults for a given bar in the chart?
Hover your mouse over the bar.
See more details about a fault type shown in the chart?
Double-click the bar representing that fault type.
Filter the chart by vehicle type?
Click the By Vehicle Type drop down box at the top left of the panel, then select a vehicle type.
Filter the chart by vehicle?
You can filter by vehicle using global groups. Click the Working with: link at the top right of the page.


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