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Vehicle Position Details

The Vehicle Position Details page shows the vehicle position on a map with associated details.

Position map
The vehicle position appears as a red icon on the map, and nearby landmarks appear as green icons. Click an icon to see position or landmark information in the map. Click the vehicle ID to open vehicle details, or the landmark ID to open landmark details. Click here for information about map controls.
Vehicle information
The vehicle ID and name your company uses to identify the unit. Click the ID to view details for the vehicle.
Position information
The vehicle's position information including proximity to the closest landmark, town, or city, date and time of the position, and geographical coordinates. If known, the vehicle's speed, direction of travel, and odometer are shown. The position source identifies the hardware that generated the position report: GPS or QASPR.
Connected trailer
The trailer ID for the trailer currently connected to this vehicle. This field is only available when you're using the Trailer Tracks application. Click to view trailer details and current status.
Vehicle Position History
Click the link to open this vehicle's position history and show it on a map.
Create Landmark
Click to add a custom landmark at this position.
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