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New Message Notification

The message list does not refresh automatically or indicate when there are new messages. Use the Notifier window to receive new message notification.

The Notifier window opens automatically each time you log in to the Services Portal.

Message notifications use your alert/notification preferences based on the message status:
Normal return message
Low-priority settings
Messages the driver marked "Priority"
Medium-priority settings
Panic messages (if you use them)
High-priority settings

Receive Notification of New Messages

To receive notification of new messages:

  1. Enable message notification in your QTRACS user preferences.
  2. Set your low-, medium-, high-priority alert/notification preferences to receive in the Notifier window.

Enable QTRACS Message Notification

To receive notification of new messages:

  1. Click Administration, Preferences in the top right corner of the page
  2. Click QTRACS and locate Message Notification Preferences
  3. Check Notify of return message from vehicle. You are notified of new return (includes reply) messages
  4. If desired, select a priority to be notified of undeliverable forward messages. The other message notification preferences are not supported in the browser-based Notifier window
  5. Click Save

Receiving message notification

Unread return messages are numbered in the Notifier window on the unread messages icon . If you enable Notifier priority settings, the icon flashes and you hear a tone.


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