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Training Videos

What's New in Services Portal 3.1

An overview of whats new in the Services Portal 3.1 release.


Initial Setup of Company Settings

How to configure General and QTRACS Company Settings when first setting up your Services Portal account.


Manage Users in the Services Portal

How to set roles, permissions, and defaults for users in the Services Portal.


QTRACS: Bulk Import Tool

A tutorial for using the bulk import tool in QTRACS.


How to Create Drivers in QTRACS and Hours of Service

A demonstration of how create drivers in QTRACS and Hours of Service.


Create Vehicles in QTRACS and Hours of Service

Demonstration of how to create a default vehicle in QTRACS and how to create a vehicle in QTRACS and Hours of Service.


Edit a Vehicle

How to edit a vehicle in QTRACS to change the Vehicle ID, VIN, and license plate information or other settings such as position reporting interval.


Introduction to Global Groups

Introduction to Global Groups and how to create global groups to restrict access or use as a filter.


Create/Edit Address Lists

How to create and edit address lists in QTRACS.


Introduction to Vehicle Coverages

Introduction to vehicle coverages in QTRACS and how to create new coverages.


Assign/Change Coverage

How to assign or change a coverage for a vehicle or group of vehicles.


Vehicle Message Groups

How to create and manage vehicle message groups in QTRACS.



Overview of how to use messaging in QTRACS to communicate with your drivers.


Messaging - Email Notifications

How to set up email alerts for certain messaging notification preferences such as when a driver replies to a message or when a message is undeliverable.


Vehicle Position

How to locate a vehicle or other assets on a map, use Fleet Mapping, and view the vehicle's position history.


Macros - Create

How to create your own custom macros in QTRACS.


Macros - Edit

How to edit existing macros in QTRACS.


Macros - Import

How to import a set of macro templates. This video is intended for the initial setup of the QTRACS but can also be used to import a new set if you need to reset your macros.


Macros - Prefilled Macro Maps

How to create a prefilled macro map so when a driver responds to a message information from the forward macro is automatically copied to the return macro.


Create Custom Landmarks

How to create custom landmarks for use in QTRACS and Trailer Tracks.


Viewing and Managing Reports in the Services Portal

This video explains how to view and manage reports in the Services Portal applications (QTRACS, Trailer Tracks, Performance Monitoring, and GeoServices).


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