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View Driver Performance

View Driver Performance

The Drivers - Performance tab lets you look at an extract record for the selected driver. The information below your name on the right tells you which assets you are working with based on global group membership. You can:

  • Click the linked date criteria to list performance data for a different date range. Click Search after changing it.
  • Click the dashboard icon icon_db_link.gif to open the dashboard and view the performance data for the selected driver and date range.
  • Select a performance record date range to view its details.

Performance record details open in a pop-up window. At the top you see the driver and vehicle; click edit next to the driver to change to a different driver. You also see start/end dates and extraction date, and the record status:

  • Not reviewed-the record has not been specified as valid or invalid. The data is included in reports and charts.
  • Valid-the record is reviewed and is valid. The data is included in reports and charts.
  • Invalid-the record does not contain valid performance data and is not included in reports and charts.

After reviewing the record, click confirm valid or confirm invalid as appropriate.

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