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The driver is getting too many Performance Monitoring alerts
These alerts are generated based on the assigned vehicle type. Look up the vehicle on the Vehicles tab to see what vehicle type it is assigned to. On the Setup, Vehicle Types tab, click the vehicle type and review its excessive speed setting, Adjust the setting or assign the vehicle to a different vehicle type with an appropriate excessive speed setting.

I don't see the Reports tab
Your system administrator needs to enable a permission in the role assigned to your user ID. The permission is under Misc, General; check the box next to Can view offline reports.

Why can't I use ad hoc groups to run reports?
Ad hoc groups only work on the Dashboard, Queries, and Chart pages. To filter results in all Performance Monitoring pages including reports, set up global groups.

Why is some data missing?
If you see 000000 in all fields except the active time field, you may have set up incorrect defaults for overspeed and excessive speed.
Overspeed is the maximum speed you want your driver to go for fuel management purposes (affecting MPG)
Excessive speed is the maximum speed you want your driver to go for safety purposes (should be greater than overspeed value)
Set up the correct defaults in the Vehicle Types - Fleetwide Overrange Parameters screen.

Why am I getting "N/As" in my data?
N/As in the data are caused by power swapping from one vehicle to another or from firmware upgrades. The MCP over-the-air upgrade is automatic, but installations that require the SD card can cause this problem. You need to resend parameters to the unit from the Vehicles page.

Some vehicles don't appear in the reports
The end date (extraction date) of the cycle determines the data that is reported. If you select a date range of August and the extraction date was September 1, that data is not included, even though most of it was captured in August.
If a vehicle is out of coverage during the scheduled report cycle, it cannot report any data for that period. Retry the failed units two to six hours before the report cycle goes to COMPLETE status.


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