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How Performance Monitoring Extracts Data

How Performance Monitoring Extracts Data

The Performance Monitoring application collects, summarizes, and stores driver and vehicle performance data for the scheduled cycle interval. Extractions are defined as follows:

  • Automatic extraction cycle: an automatic, recurring cycle that requests extractions for your entire fleet
  • Manual vehicle extraction: a manual, individual vehicle extraction that you request for a specific vehicle or group of vehicles
  • Exception extraction: an automatic, individual vehicle extraction triggered when the mobile unit detects that fleet-wide exception thresholds are exceeded
  • Event-based extraction: an automatic, vehicle extraction generated by an external application (such as your dispatch system)
  • Your company can enable alerts to be sent to a designated user when extraction requests fail.

Understanding parameters

When stopped, drivers can view screens on the mobile device to review their driving performance and adjust their driving to reduce speed and idle time. Improving their driving performance result in safer driving, fuel economy, and saved time.

Performance records are shown for individual vehicles/drivers and groups of vehicles/drivers. You can sort records to show which vehicles or drivers consistently perform well or poorly.

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