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Correct Driver IDs


Sometimes a driver begins driving before logging in, or enters an incorrect ID. When this happens, you can edit records so the correct driver is credited with the data. Driver IDs are usually corrected in one of two places, as follows:

  • In unregistered driver records
  • In vehicle/driver performance records

Use the following procedure to help you correct unregistered driver records. The information below your name on the right tells you which assets you are working with based on global group membership.

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click Administrative Editing.
  3. In the Edit Performance Records panel, all unregistered drivers for last 30 days is selected by default. Use these defaults to locate unregistered driver performance records. Optionally, you can:
  • Click all unregistered drivers. In the drop-down list that appears, select a driver or vehicle for which to list performance records.
  • Click last 30 days and set another date range.

When searching for performance records by driver, Performance Monitoring selects records to display as follows:

  • Identifies all of the vehicles driven by the driver within the specified date range
  • Lists all performance records for every vehicle identified that fall within the specified date range, regardless of driver

4. Click Search.

The records are listed below.
5. Click the first record.
The Performance Details window pops up.
6. Click Edit next to the driver ID.
7. Type or select the correct driver ID and click Save.
You can type any authorized driver ID. If you select the driver, he or she must be in one of the global groups you are currently working with. If you are unable to locate a driver, click the linked text below your name on the upper, right and change your global group filter. If you still cannot assign the driver, contact your system administrator to correct your global group membership.
You see a performance overlap warning if the selected driver already has a performance record for the current record's date range. Typically a driver does not have overlapping performance records.

8. Do one of the following:

  • If you are crediting the record to an administrative account to discard it, click Allow Overlap.
  • If you need to do further research to determining the proper driver to credit the record, click Cancel.

9. If you know that the record is good and should be included in reports and other statistics, click confirm valid.
10. Click Close to close the popup and return to the list of records to be corrected.

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