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Ensure Vehicles Have Appropriate Parameters

Vehicles are automatically created in Performance Monitoring once they are added to QTRACS. This means there is no need to set up vehicles within Performance Monitoring, but you do need to ensure that vehicles have the appropriate parameters, which are based on the vehicle type assigned to the vehicles. When you change the parameters for a vehicle type, those changes are automatically sent to all vehicles assigned to that vehicle type.

New vehicles are automatically assigned to the default vehicle type. If you installed mobile units into vehicles and powered the units on before creating your vehicle types, those vehicles were automatically assigned to the Rsv vehicle type, which does not report any data. If you created a new vehicle type, you need to assign vehicles to that vehicle type. These changes must be made on an individual vehicle basis.

To change a vehicle's type:

  1. In Performance Monitoring, select Vehicles.
  2. Find the vehicle in the vehicle list on the left and select it.
  3. In the upper right corner of the vehicle details pane, select edit.
  4. Select the Type drop-down list and choose the new vehicle type you want assigned to the vehicle.
  5. In the upper right corner of the vehicle details pane, select Save.

If new parameters fail to send to a vehicle due to it being out of communication, select the vehicle and then select Resend Parameters to send again. It is important that all vehicles have valid and current parameters to ensure that you receive useful data. Vehicles marked with a red dot in the vehicle list either did not successfully send an extract or did not successfully receive parameters.

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