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Fuel Imports Tab


From the Fuel page, Omnitracs Tax Manager allows you to add individual fuel entries into the system.  The Fuel Imports page allows you to import multiple entries at one time.

Omnitracs Tax Manager allows the import of fuel from a multitude of vendors, including:

  • ComData
  • Wright Express
  • Irving
  • Shell
  • TCH
  • Fleetstone
  • Tcheck

Omnitracs Tax Manager also supports a generic fuel file template for uploads of vendors not listed above.  It can be found here

See the topic Create a Fuel File - Vendors for instructions on creating a fuel file that can be uploaded.

Importing Fuel

Perform the following to import a fuel file:

  1. From the Fuel Imports page, select Import File

    Fuel Imports screen with Import button highlighted

    The Import Fuel Receipt dialog appears.

    Import Fuel Dialog box
  2. Choose the appropriate fuel vendor from the drop-down menu.

    Import Fuel File dialog with Vendor Drop-down showing
  3. Choose the appropriate unit of measurement (gallons or litres) from the drop-down menu.
    Omnitracs Tax Manager supports only one Fuel Unit per fuel file, gallons or litres.  If your fuel file contains both gallons and litres, separate it into two separate files and upload them one at a time.

    Import Fuel Receipt Dialog with UOM menu open
  4. Choose the appropriate currency unit (USD or CAN) from the drop-down menu.

    Import Fuel Receipt Dialog with Currency menu open
  5. Select Add File.  A Windows Explorer file picker dialog appears.

    Import Fuel Receipt dialog with Windows File Picker Dialog
  6. Navigate to, and choose the fuel file.  (In the file-picker dialog, click once on the file name, then select the Open button.)  The name of your fuel file will appear in the Import Fuel Receipt dialog.

    Import Fuel Receipt dialog with File Name showing before Save
  7. Select Save.  The Imports page appears again, showing the newly-uploaded fuel file.  The upload's status is noted in the far-right column, Status.

    Fuel Imports Screen showing uploaded file and status




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