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Delete Delivery Popup

The Delete Delivery popup box allows you to remove a file from all groups and/or vehicles.

Last Sent/Fixed (Status for Delivery panel)

Delivery Method or Delivery Options

The time and date when the delivery was last sent to one or more vehicles.

When you create a delivery you specify how you want the file to be delivered. For example, you can specify that you do not want the file sent unless Wi-Fi is available. You cannot edit the delivery method for an existing delivery.

File Name (of delivery)
The file to be delivered.
Description (of delivery)
Optional text to add more information about the delivery than what is specified in the Subject field.
Category (of delivery)
A way to subdivide your deliveries by general content or purpose. Examples: Safety, Company Announcement, Payroll.
Available (Status for a delivery)
The earliest date the delivery can be sent. You specify this value when you add or edit a delivery.
The date after which the delivery will no longer be sent.

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