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Add Delivery/Edit Delivery Popup

Add Delivery / Edit Delivery Popup

The Add Delivery popup allows you to enter information about a new delivery you are creating. The Edit Delivery popup allows you to edit information about a delivery you previously created. The two popups contain the same fields.

Note: Filling out the fields in this popup, then clicking Save, causes the delivery to appear in the deliveries list. To actually send the delivery, you must then click the WiFi icon in the Actions column for that delivery.

Understanding the Add Delivery / Edit Delivery Popup

Subject (of a delivery)
The name of the delivery.
Description (of delivery)
Optional text to add more information about the delivery than what is specified in the Subject field.
File Name (of delivery)
The file to be delivered.
A way to subdivide your vehicles into sets. Examples include Depot, Reefer, or Subsidiary. You create, edit, and delete groups on the Settings / Groups page.
Available Date (Status for a delivery)
The earliest date the delivery will be available to the driver. The delivery can be sent as soon as it is created, but the driver will not see the file until this date.
Expiration Date
The date when the delivery will expire and be removed from the UI and the unit. Drivers will no longer be able to access the delivery after this date.
Delivery Method or Delivery Options
When you create a delivery you specify how you want the file to be delivered. For example, you can specify that you do not want the file sent unless Wi-Fi is available. You cannot edit the delivery method for an existing delivery.

How do I . . . ?

Add an Expiration Date to Delivery?
Click the Expiration Date check box. Then fill out the time and date fields that appear.
Specify the Group(s) to receive a delivery?
Next to the Group(s) field, click Add.
Specify individual vehicle(s) to receive a delivery?
Next to the Vehicle(s) field, click Add.
Specify the file to send with this delivery?
Edit the name in the File Name field, or click Add. If you are editing an existing delivery, you cannot change the file name. Add a new delivery instead.
Specify when it's okay to send the file via a Terrestrial network?
Under Delivery Options, click Other (Use Schedule). then fill out the fields that appear.
Change the Available Date?
Edit the date and time fields in Available Date. You cannot modify the available date if the current one has already passed.
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