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Media Manager 2.0.8 Release Notes

This document describes the changes addressed in the 2.0.8 release of Media Manager System.
The primary objective of this release is to improve performance and customer experience by cleaning up the database for deleted files as customer reported they are not able to delete the files, or even after delete they still see the files in UI.
In addition, some of the production issues were addressed. This includes the auto refresh of Dynamic Fleet group which is the default group for a company and contains all the Units enabled for MMS. 

Note:  Pagination is implemented on Home page and files tab in UI to improve performance.




QH-865 Implement pagination on home page of MMS.


MMS Fleet group Dynamically updated and verbiage.

QH-5580 Add Scheduler based approach to handle MMS LMS DB clean up.
QH-864 Implement pagination on Files tab of MMS.


There are few minor UI alignment issues also addressed in this release.

Screen Updates

The below section highlights the differences in the user interface between the old 2.0.7 and the new 2.0.8 screens of the application.

Select an image to see a larger version.

Pagination to Deliveries

Pagination to Deliveries – Old


Pagination to deliveries - New


pagination to deliveries OLD.png







Changes to note: 

  • Pagination is added in Deliveries Tab showing 100 records per page.
  • Pagination is hidden when data is less than 100 records.



Pagination to Settings- Files 

Pagination to Settings- Files - Old   Pagination to Settings- Files - New

Pagination to Settings- Files- OLD.png






Changes to note:

  • Pagination is added in Settings.
  • Files Tab showing 100 records per page.
  • Pagination is hidden when data is less than 100 records.

Settings- Deliveries- Success Message 

Deliveries- Success Message - Old   Deliveries- Success Message - New

Settings-Deliveries-Success Message OLD.png

Settings-Deliveries-Success Message OLD 2.png







Notes to change: 

The Specified delivery size is update on Success alert.



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