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Media Manager 1.8 Release Notes

These release notes describe the new features and enhancements for Media Manager scheduled for release summer 2016.

Release 1.8 Summary

The version 1.8 release of Media Manager contains mostly internal changes not visible to the customer. These changes include:

  • Implemented new logic to prevent units from downloading files from incorrect accounts after a unit has gone through RMA.
  • Improved verification of data usage charges.
  • Expanded logging to provide more detail on file usage history after the file has been removed by the customer.
  • Implemented further authentication support to facilitate new security requirements.
  • Minor changes to UI and reports visual presentation.


  • There were issues when moving a unit from a company to the factory account; the delivery would fail to delete out of both the host and the mobile. This has been resolved.
  • The bad DW data causing LMS and MMS databases out of sync issues has been fixed.
  • When making a call to the batch update process to update payload handles on the DEVICE_RESPONSES table, an error was showing that stated that the DEVICE_RESPONSES object did not exist. This has been fixed.
  • The MMS Reports now show data usage displayed as Megabytes instead of Kilobytes.
  • After clicking the OK button on an error pop-up message, the screen did not navigate to the previous page but instead showed as blank. This has been fixed.

Patch 1.8.9

Patch 1.8.9 was applied May 2017.

  • The Usage Reports now use MB instead of KB to show a more accurate representation of file size.
  • In the Usage Report, there is no longer a colon showing after minutes if there are no seconds being reported.
  • The PDF output of the Usage Report now shows MB for all values.
  • MMS messages smaller than one MB no longer show as zero megabytes on the Usage Report, which caused the total size misleading.


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