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Unassigned Driving

The Unassigned Driving report allows you to view records of all unclaimed driving time that has occurred over a specified period of time. You can choose to run one of three sub-reports: Currently Unassigned, Assigned to No Driver, and Assigned to Actual Driver.

Note: This report will display only those drivers that the report generator can view as defined under the User Depot Access permissions.

Unclaimed driving time refers to any time the vehicle is in operation but the driver is in off duty status. You must have authorization to edit these records. Drivers are prohibited from changing driving time.

Vehicle Group
Select the vehicle group to report, or select All to include all vehicles.
Start date / End date
The date range for the report. Click the icon to open a calendar pop-up and select a date.
Unassigned Event Type
Specify what type of unassigned event you want to view:
  • Currently Unassigned - displays driving times for vehicles that accumulated drive time with no associated driver
  • Assigned to No Driver - displays driving times for vehicles that were deliberately assigned to no driver
  • Assigned to Actual Driver - displays driving times for vehicles that had unassigned drive time, but it was assigned to a driver
Select a format
View, export, and/or print your report in one of the following formats:
  • CSV
  • Excel (spreadsheet)
  • HTML (best for viewing)
  • PDF (best fo rprinting)
  • XML

Click the View Report button.

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