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Hours of Service 6.1 Release Notes


The host now allows Hours of Service (HOS) administrators the ability to Swap Multiple Driving events between co-drivers.

On the Drivers Details page, you can view the impacted drivers logs.

Verify both drivers are identified as co-drivers on their respective logs.



On the Drivers log with the driving click on one of the steering wheel icons to trigger the swap edit function.


A pop up will appear and the user can identify if they want to swap multiple events or a single event.


The admin user then identifies the date range, in which the events fall into, that need to be swapped. For this example, the events occurred on March 28th starting at 10:00 am until 10:15 am. The user would select Start and End Date times, for the events that need to be swapped, and enter the date and time that the last event finished, select search.


The eligible driving events will appear. Select the check box to indicate which events you want to transfer to the co driver, then select the status that should replace the driving on that is current being swapped, then you can choose to enter one edit reason to be duplicated to all the edits at the top of the page, or you can add an edit reason for each event individually. Once completed select Move.


You will see the events on the driver page go into a pending status.  Both drivers will be sent a carrier edit request and both drivers must accept the changes before the edit will be completed on both drivers logs.


OHOS-6908, OHOS-6909, OHOS-8506, OHOS-8507

When a Canadian customer creates a new driver on the UI or through Webservices the driver will now default to the Canadian Operating Zone.



The WSNA Webservice will be updated to allow users to request the drivers clock calculation using an optimistic clock (meaning the driver will be utilizing Sleeper berth pairings).

ExportDriver :

ExportDriverByDepotId :

ExportDriverClock :

ExportDriverClockByDepotId :



The Edit UI has been updated to identify how the data needs to be entered in order to be eld compliant


Software Corrections

Work Item Number Issue Component
OHOS-7350  Canadian ERODS were failing when the address was empty for the depot, this has been corrected. HOS
OHOS-865 The UI has been updated to allow users to add location information to automatic driving when the GPS failed to record the location. HOS
OHOS-5796 In some cases when the driver had multiple qualifying sleeper berth periods the violation report rules engine incorrectly identified a violation this has been corrected. HOS
OHOS-5852 An update has been made to include the Bill of lading in driver log reports. HOS
OHOS-7888 Updated wording for error response to a webservice user. HOS
OHOS-6986 When logs were downloaded as PDF the download file was missing the required extension, that has been fixed. HOS
OHOS-6508 On rare occasions the missing position flag was not being set to allow a customer to enter in a location, this has been corrected. HOS



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