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Hours of Service 5.3 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements

This release contains fixes and changes to the web services to ignore the ELDMode toggle. Any vehicles created through web services are now set to ELDs.


  • Distance no longer displays for an on-duty status without drive time.
  • Tool tips now display correctly.
  • When you edit the location of an event, the parent record is not deleted and the bad data image no longer displays.
  • Web services were updated to include Personal Conveyance in daily duty status totals.
  • The Rest Break Exemption row no longer displays for ELD-exempt drivers.
  • The undo button is now available for driving duty status that are recorded in AOBRD Mode and assigned to drivers.
  • Driving events recorded on AOBRDS are swappable after upgrading to ELDs.
  • Vehicle Edited message displays after a vehicle is edited and the change is saved.
  • Previously certified driving statuses that are edited by driving time swap, now accurately shows as uncertified.
  • The UNDO Button now displays correctly when you switch an in-cab device between AOBRD and ELD modes.
  • Driving swaps may be undone before logs are sent.
  • Distance driven is not editable for Yard Move and Personal Conveyance duty statues.

Web Services Changes

For more information on web services in this and prior releases, go here:

Web Service Parameter Meaning
ClockInOut N/A Duty status changes will not be immediate
AssignHOSModeByDepot ELDMode Set mode of onboard devices for all vehicles in a depot
Add ELDMode All new vehicles will be set to ELD_Mode, regardless of input
AddEx ELDMode All new vehicles will be set to ELD_Mode, regardless of input
AddVehicle ELDMode All new vehicles will be set to ELD_Mode, regardless of input



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