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ES HOS 6.1.5 Release Notes


We are pleased to announce that the ES HOS 6.1.5 release will be available on February 1, 2023.

This release includes feature enhancements.


Feature Enhancements

Host updates for the Driver Email request of FMCSA ELD and Canadian ELD eRODS logs

The Host has been updated to default driver log report requests from the cycle tab on the mobile to ELD format.  


EDS Changes

Canadian ELD eRODS Request now managed by Transport Canada

As of January 1st, Canadian ELD eRODS requests are now directed through Transport Canada to validate the email address of the recipients to ensure the recipient is setup to receive and open the encrypted emails.  If the Email recipient does not exist or does not have a valid email with Transport Canada the Recipient will now receive an email notification stating:

A driver using an Omnitracs (IVG), XRS or Omnitracs One ELD system has requested to send their eRODS to you. Their driver ID is [Driver ID].

We have received an error back from Transport Canada indicating that an encryption certificate could not be found for your email address in the Transport Canada LDAP server. Without a valid encryption certificate, eRODS cannot be securely delivered to this email address: [email address the request was sent to].


Software Corrections

Work Item Number Issue Component
OHOS-11410 Fixed an issue in the CCMTA eRODS email where the subject line displayed an incorrect certification ID. The subject line will now display the Canadian ELD Certification ID as required by Transport Canada for their PKI. Host and Mobile
Corrected an issue that was causing a signature error on the certificate received by Transport Canada. Note: This issue did not impact the Officers ability to receive and open logs previously. Host
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