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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Integration Overview

Web Service  

The Unit Transfer Service exposes a SOAP-based web service that is available to clients outside of the Omnitracs network. Transparent to its clients, the process utilizes the Customer & Equipment Management Services (CEMS) to validate the request and initiate the transfer at the NMC.

Please refer to the Web Service Details for WSDL and URL information.


A username and password are required to access the web service. Clients need to provide username and password in a username token in the SOAP header of the web service request.

Username and password are assigned and provided by Omnitracs.

Additional information is available in the Security section of the Web Service Details.

Asynchronous Processing  

Due to long-running back-end processing and possible delays through batching, the Unit Transfer Service does not provide a response to the web service request when the transfer was completed. Instead, the synchronous web service response will contain an acknowledgment that the request has been received.

The client then has the possibility to submit query requests in order to inquire the status of the transfer. There is no callback or other notification once the request has been completed.


Batching of Requests  

The Unit Transfer Service allows batching of unit transfers. Up to 100 transfer requests can be batched in one web service call.

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