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Generic Action Model

The Unit Transfer Service uses the Generic Action Model(GAMActionCollection.xsd) schema for its request and response messages.

ActionCollections and Actions  

The root element is an ActionCollection that contains one or more Actions, which correspond to individual Unit Transfer requests. Consequently, batching can be achieved by submitting multiple Action elements for different units inside the ActionCollection.

There are three main segments under the Action element:

  • ActionTime
    Begin and End Time of the transaction
  • Entity
    Describes the unit to be acted upon, identified by its serial number
  • Procedure
    Type of operation (i.e. transfer request or status query), identified by an Object Identifier (OID). Refer to Request Types for a list of available operations.
    The procedure element also contains the input parameters as valueBinary name-value pairs

     Below is a sample ActionCollection:
<actionCollection xmlns="urn:oid:" version="1.0" source="QUALCOMM" co_id="1" trans_id="1">
    <action trans_id="1">
            <valueBinary name="SERIAL_NO">123456789</valueBinary>
            <valueBinary name="NMC_ACCOUNT">12345</valueBinary>
            <valueBinary name="COMMENT">TRANSFER REQUESTED BY JSMITH</valueBinary>


Required Attributes

The following attributes need to be provided by the client




Attribute Name




Descriptive client identifier, assigned by Omnitracs



Client's customer id, will be provided by Omnitracs



Transaction Id of the ActionCollection. This Id is enforced to be unique and must be different in every web service call.



Transaction Id of the Action in an ActionCollection. Needs to be unique for all Actions within the ActionCollection, can be sequential.

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