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Data Retention Tool(DRT) Documentation

DRT Tool Documentation


The Data Retention Tool (DRT) is a product that retrieves information from the Omnitracs Services Portal and stores them in a SQL Server database that resides locally at the customer computer network.

It is composed of 2 processes, a background windows service which performs the retrieval of information using the Event Subscription Service in the Portal, and a client application that is used to configure the windows service. Both of these processes also reside locally at the customer computer network.

The client process is invoked first in order to create the database tables, set up the necessary parameters needed to connect to the Omnitracs Services portal, and to define which information is retrieved from the Portal.

After the setup is finished, the windows service may be started.

System Requirements:

SQL Server Database
Windows OS

Data Retention Tool Client User Guide - DRTUserGuide.pdf

Data Retention Tool - DataRetentionTool.pdf

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