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HOS Get Vehicle

add.pngAvailable in PIT v2.3

This ILE API wraps the Get HOS Vehicle Web Service. See its documentation for a further explanation of the input and output parameters, as well as the possible error conditions.


Parameter Interface:

Parameter Direction Type Length Precision Description
VehicleID Input Char 100 n/a The vehicle ID whose data should be returned
UA Output Char 100 n/a Unified address
Alias Output Char 100 n/a  
DepotID Output Char 100 n/a  
PlateNum Output Char 100 n/a  
Groups Output Char 100x20 n/a Array of up to 20 group names
Error Category Output Decimal 3 0 Error Category, if any
Error Code Output Decimal 5 0 Error Code, if any
Error Description Output Character 150 varying n/a Error description, if any

An error category of 0 means that the get operation was successful.

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