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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Omnitracs Services Portal Integration Developer's Space


This space contains information for developers wishing to integrate with the Services Portal (SP).

The SP hosts web applications and web services providing:
- Configuration and control of Omnitracs' vehicle and trailer solutions
- Access to data from fleet operations
- Pro-active alerts based on configurable monitoring parameters.

Integration Overview - Web service types, credentials and security, exceptions handling.

Event Subscription Service (ESS) - Transaction-based integration via the ESS web service; see these FAQs

Text & Macro Message Integration - Define macro message templates, send freeform text and macro messages.

Platform-specific Guidelines - Customer integration platform development guidelines

Portal Integration Toolkit (PIT) - enabling integration for iSeries-based customers


Web Service Specs - Vehicle, trailer, message, landmark and transactional web service methods

Hours of Service Specs - HOS-specific web service methods

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