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Get Delivery Status



Returns the detailed delivery status of an existing delivery. This response include status of overall as well as for each vehicle that is associated with this delivery.

If an error occurs, a soap fault will be thrown.

It is an error to request the status of a deleted delivery request.

GetDeliveryStatusResponse getDeliveryStatus(GetDeliveryStatusRequest deliveryId)

  • deliveryId: The id of a previously created delivery. Must not be deleted.


Sample XML Request  

Only the SOAP body is shown. To see a sample SOAP Envelope and Header, click here.

   <ns2:getDeliveryStatusRequest xmlns:ns2="">2003</ns2:getDeliveryStatusRequest>


Sample XML Response  

  <ns2:getDeliveryStatusResponse xmlns:ns2="">


Elements of getDeliveryStatusResponse:

  • numPending: Total number of devices that have yet to receive the file.
  • numFailedToValidate: Total number of devices that did not have the file sent due to a validation problem.
  • numFailed: Total number of devices that had a failure receiving the file.
  • numConsumed: Count of devices where the file has been viewed.
  • numCompleted: Count of devices that have received the file.
  • completed: Delivery is complete or not.(It may not be possible to indicate an overall completion.)
  • bytesWifi: How many bytes downloaded over wifi so far.
  • bytesTerrestrial: How many bytes were downloaded over terrestrial so far.

Per Vehicle Status in statusDevices List: 

  • vehicleId: The vehicle id.
  • status: Status state Transmitting, Complete or Failed.
  • failReason: If failed, the reason it failed.
  • dateDelivered: Date it was available on the mobile.
  • dateConsumed: Date it was consumed on the mobile.

Sample Soap Fault

    <faultstring xml:lang="en">DeliveryStatus request failed. Exception
      getting request status. javax.persistence.NoResultException: No entity
      found for query; nested exception is
      javax.persistence.NoResultException: No entity found for query


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