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Delete File


This method will remove the file from all vehicles as well as from the MMS application. It will no longer be available to send to vehicles.
All delivery requests , new or pending, associated with this content, will be removed prior to deletion of the content.


void deleteFile(DeleteFileRequest filename)

  • filename: The original name of the file to delete.


Sample XML Request

Only the SOAP body is shown. To see a sample SOAP Envelope and Header, click here.

  <ns2:deleteFileRequest xmlns:ns2="">test.pdf</ns2:deleteFileRequest>


Sample XML Response  

  <ns2:deleteDeliveryResponse xmlns:ns2="">
      <ns2:reason>Delete Delivery succeeded. The delivery has not been sent to devices yet.</ns2:reason>

Sample XML Response with Error  

  <ns2:deleteFileResponse xmlns:ns2="">
      <ns2:code>error.reason.request.file.invalid </ns2:code>
      <ns2:reason>File not found.</ns2:reason>



Error Code




No file was provided in this delete request

The fileName is required for deleteFile.


File not found

The provided fileName was not found.

An error was encountered while processing the delete request.

See the deleteErrors for details



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