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Incident List

The Incidents list shows all incidents matching the criteria in the Search panel.

To view detailed information about a specific incident, click the incident. Click any column heading to sort by that column in ascending order; click it again to sort in descending order.

Indicates the moment the incident occurred in the local time zone of the logged-in user. This time is recorded by the mobile unit when the trigger event occurs.
Indicates which incidents have been reviewed by someone in your company. Your company may or may not use the State field, but most companies set the State to reviewed after a CER user has reviewed the incident. CER automatically sets all new incidents to New.
The ID the company assigned to the vehicle. If the Vehicle ID is not available, the mobile unit's serial number is used.
The ID the driver uses to log in to the mobile unit, if available. This field is blank if no driver was logged in.
The event type for this incident.
Occurred At
The location where the incident occurred.
In unusual situations, the incident location may display as not available. If this happens, click the incident row to display the incident detail page. This should refresh the incident location. If the incident location is still not available, CER displays the location where the mobile unit sent the critical event report.
You can distinguish between the two locations by looking at the map tab for the incident details page. The incident location is marked by a truck icon. The location where the mobile unit sent the critical event report is marked by an envelope icon.
If Critical Event Video is also installed and configured, this column will indicate if videos are available for the incident. Not all incidents include video by default. If there is no icon in the video column for the incident then the Critical Event Video application was not enabled for that vehicle at the time of the incident.
  • movie_icon.gif indicates video is available for the incident. Clicking this icon will take you directly to the videos tab on the incident details pane.
  • camera_icon.gif Indicates the mobile unit has not returned a response indicating the number of videos, if any, associated with the event.

    Note: Video is not automatically included for overspeed and excessive overspeed events.

  • no_video_icon.gif indicates no camera was connected at the time of the incident.
  • blank_manifest.png indicates no recordings were found for this incident.
  • partial_manifest.png indicates only part of the video has been received. Hovering over the icon will display how many files have been received and how many files are expected.
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