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Camera Health List

The Camera Health List displays all CEV units that match the criteria you selected in the Camera Health search panel.

Select any column heading to sort by that column in ascending order. Select the heading again to sort the column in descending order.

To see more detailed information about a specific unit’s camera, select the unit.

The window includes the following information:

Vehicle ID
The identification number the company has assigned to the vehicle.
Vehicle UA
The serial number of the Omnitracs mobile unit on the vehicle. UA stands for Unit Address.
Camera Connected
The identifier to validate whether the camera is successfully connected to the unit or not. Values are True Camera Connected or False.
The camera status of the unit: Good, Bad, or Unknown.
Summary Duration
How long the camera has been in the displayed summary status as of the Updated Time. The format is in Days > Hours > Minutes > Seconds.
The last comments provided while the camera status was being reviewed.
Updated Time
The last updated time for the camera’s summary status. The time is displayed as MM/DD/YYYY, then Hours > Minutes > Seconds.

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