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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Add or Edit a Filter

Use filters to create predefined lists of one or more incident types. Filters can be applied to notifications, incident searches and, if applicable, to web services. You must have permission to manage filters.

  1. Click Settings, then click Filters.
  2. Click Add Filter below the list to add a new filter or click an existing filter to view or edit it.
  3. Type the Filter name, up to 256 characters. Choose a descriptive name to make it easy to find and use in lists on the incidents and reports pages.
  4. Click ON for the incident types you want to include in this filter: Manual event (triggered by a driver); Hard Braking; Stability Control; Lane Departure left/right; Lane Departure Warning Disablement; Following Time Violation; Forward Collision Warning; Overspeed; Excessive Overspeed.
  5. As you enable filters, enter filter criteria, such as maximum and minimum speed or the number of events that occur in a given period of time. For some events, you can indicate whether an alert should be triggered if data is missing; for example, if the speed was not recorded for a hard braking event, you can choose whether or not to receive an alert. For more information, hover your cursor over icon_description.png next to the event name.
  6. Click Save.


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