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Critical Event Reporting 7.1.0 Release Notes

These release notes describe the changes included in the 7.1.0 release of Critical Event Reporting. The release includes enhancements to camera health and critical event video (CEV) functionality as well as corrections to software issues.

New Features and Enhancements

Changes to Camera Health

Pagination Added to Camera Health Tab


To improve user experience, the Camera Health tab now displays 100 records per page. If the data includes more than 100 records, users can use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the page to move through the pages. If there are fewer than 100 records, the arrows do not appear.

Select an image to see a larger version.

Previous Camera Health Tab New Camera Health Tab (with Pagination)
Camera Health Report - old pagination Camera Health Report - new pagination


Changes to Sort Order in Summary Duration Column


In the Camera Summary window, the following changes have been made to the way the data in the Summary Duration column is sorted:

  • Data that includes a value in the Summary Duration column will be sorted in ascending or descending order based on the corresponding numerical value.
  • The value now includes only days, hours, and minutes.
  • New records that have only one timestamp and have had no updates since then will show a Summary Duration value of 0 ​.
Previous Summary Duration Column New Summary Duration Column
Camera Health Summary Duration - old Camera Health Summary Duration - new


Camera Health Details - Critical Items


In the Unit Camera Health Details window, conditions that lead to a status of Bad or Unknown are now highlighted in yellow.

When the following conditions are present, they will be highlighted:

  • Camera Visible: false
  • SSID: unknown
  • Direct SDCard Health: writefail, writeprotect, corrupt (any value indicating an issue)
  • Indirect SDCard Health: Fail, SD Card Needs Replacement
  • Corrupted Directory Status: Corrupted directories found (any value that indicates an issue)
Previous Camera Health Details Window New Camera Health Details
Camera Health Details - old Camera Health Details - New 1
  Camera Health Details - new 2


Updated Logo

To reflect the company's new branding, the Omnitracs logo has been updated throughout the application.

Omnitracs logo



Work Item Number Issue
QH-857 An issue that caused the Driver Incident Count report to show incorrect dates has been resolved.
QH-768 Users now receive a message if a critical event video is not available or cannot be played.
QH-823 An issue that caused some users to receive an error when they set up Critical Event Reporting notifications has been resolved.
QH-771 For some users, the Settings > Notifications page did not show the list of those who were receiving the notifications. In addition, users were being logged out immediately after logging into the Services Portal and selecting Critical Event Reporting. These issues have been resolved.
QH-3715 Filters are no longer required in the Settings > Notifications window.
QH-6768 Users can now use email addresses that have domain names of 2–4 characters (for instance, username@company.xxxx) when they set up CER alerts (Settings > Notifications).