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Critical Event Reporting 7.0.1 Release Notes


System Requirements and Upgrade Information 

Ensure Browser Loads Newest Version of Services Portal 

It is highly recommended that you clear temporary Internet files before you log in for the first time after the upgrade. Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete to open your browser’s history control panel, then check the box for temporary internet files or caches. Click delete or clear to confirm your choice, then close and reopen your browser. This will ensure your browser is loading the newest version of the Services Portal pages.

Omnitracs quick reference card on the subject..jpg


For more information about this process, including browser-specific instructions, see the Omnitracs quick reference card on the subject.


These release notes describe changes to the Omnitracs Critical Event Reporting (CER) host software. For previous release notes, click here.

Flash No Longer Supported

The primary objective of this release is to deprecate Flash technology. Support for this technology is being removed from browsers in favor of more modern and comprehensive user interface technology.

Note: No changes were made to functionality in this release.

The information below highlights the differences in the user interface between the old and the new screens in the application

New Features in All Screens

The following new features apply to all screens in the application: 

  • If the value in a column exceeds the character limit allowed for that column, you can hover your mouse over the value to see the complete text.
  • Users now receive a "Success" or "Failure" acknowledgement for every action they perform.

Screen Updates

The images below compare the old screens and the new screens you will see if you log in using the direct application. Some of the new screens include new or enhanced features, which are described beneath the image.

Select any image to see a larger version.

Login Screen

Note: The login URLs will not change.

Services Portal Login Screen - Old   Unity Login Screen - New





Login - new



Incidents Screen - Old   Incidents Screen - New





aIncidents – New.png
  • If the user selects an incident to view the details, these will remain highlighted when the user navigates back to the incident home screen.
  • A new pagination feature shows the incident search results, displaying 100 incidents per page.


Incident Details

Incident Details Graph - Old   Incident Details Graph - New





  • The Incident Details page now has a Back button that improvea page performance.
  • The top of the graph now includes a scroll bar.
  • The width of lines has been increased to make them more visible.
  • PDF, CSV, and Help icons can be found in vertical order in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • To show the Tool tip, hover your cursor over the legends on the X axis and Y axis.


Incident Details HOS - Old   Incident Details HOS - New







Incident Details Map - Old   Incident Details Map - New
Incident Details - Map – Old.jpg





Incident Details-Map – New.png



Incident Details Video - Old   Incident Details Video - New
Incident Details - Video - Old.jpg





Incident Details-Video - New2.png
  • A scroll bar has been added to allow the user to zoom in or out over the speed graph.
  • The video player has new features:
    • Select Picture to take screenshots.
    • Use the Maximize option to see the video in amplified view.
    • Select Front or Rear and press the SHIFT key (instead of CTRL) to select another camera and download videos in zip format.



Incident Details History - Old   Incident Details History - New
Incident Details - History - Old.jpg





Incident Details - History - New.png



Reports - Old   Reports- New
Reports – Old.jpg





Reports - New.png
  • The Reports window has been enhanced with icons and a green highlight when you however your mouse over an option.
  • Previously, downloaded reports were failing in the Chrome browser. This issue has been resolved.




Settings Filters - Old   Settings Filters - New
Settings - Filters - Old.jpg





Settings - Filters - New.png



Settings Integration - Old   Settings Integration - New
Settings - Integration - Old.jpg





Settings - Integration - New.png

Filters are now available as radio buttons.



Settings Notifications - Old   Settings Notifications - New
Settings - Notifications - Old.jpg





Settings-Notifications - New.png
  • Edit and Delete notification buttons are now icons.
  • Add and Edit notification buttons will display as pop-ups.


Customer Setup

Costumer Setup - Old   Costumer Setup - New
Settings - Customer Setup - Old.jpg





Settings - Customer Setup - New.png


Camera Health

Camera Health - Old   Camera health - New
Camera Health – Old.jpg





Camera Health – New.png


Request Video

Request Video - Old   Request Video - New
Request Video - Old.jpg





Request Video - New.png


Global Groups 

Global Groups - Old   Global Groups - New
Settings - Notifications - Old.jpg





Settings-Notifications - New.png



These issues were addressed along with user interface changes:

  • The User Request Video Email Notification now considers Daylight Saving Time zone in the U.S. and Canada for Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  • Vehicle ID search criteria in Camera Health is now case insensitive, supporting all vehicles.
  • An inconsistency in the Camera Report and Camera Health tab Updated Time has been resolved.
  • Camera Summary and Platform default values are now set in the Camera Health Search Panel.
  • The Camera Status Transition Filter is no longer retaining old values when a new filter is created.
  • A Fixed Reports download issue has been resolved.
  • An auto-complete feature has been added for Vehicle UA and Vehicle ID fields in the Camera Health screen.
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