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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) DA0935R Release Notes

Hardware Requirements and Software Dependencies

This firmware release supports the following and higher MCNs:

  • CV90-JC339-1xx, -2xx, -3xx
  • CA90-JE045-1xx, -2xx
  • CV90-JE045-1xx, -2xx

and is composed of the following software:

  • PAPI 9.0
  • VIOP 8.02

Operating System

  • For 3G units (UAs 108000000 - 108499999), this firmware release is compatible with the Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact operating system (WEC2013 OS) OS33 or higher.
  • For LTE units (UA 108500000 or higher), this firmware release is compatible with the Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact operating system (WEC2013 OS) OS50 or higher.

Upgrade Procedures

Most upgrades are done over-the-air. Both the firmware and the operating system are available for download on the Omnitracs Customer Portal (on the Support page, click Firmware/OS and refer to the Installation and Troubleshooting Guide).

Features and Enhancements

The features and enhancements listed here are available with this release.

  • Vehicle Inspection Report has been reworked to make it easier to use both on the host and mobile applications. Please view driver-facing changes in this training video.
    • Canada compliance was added to this version of VIR
    • Details on the new UI interface can be found in the onboard training support under VIR
    • An updated driver training PowerPoint can be accessed here and used to train drivers on the new VIR driver interface
  • Over-the-Air Programming (OTAP) for Cummins engines allows vehicles with MY2017 Cummins engines and newer to update the engine's ECU to the most up-to-date engine software
  • The firmware supports IVGs with either an LTE- or 3G-modem
  • IVGs with UAs beginning with 1085 (LTE hardware):
    • Have an enhanced capacitive digitizer/touchscreen that is more sensitive to touch. The new screens may not work with gloves that are not intended for use with capacitive touch screens
    • Communicate on the LTE network and must install 9x firmware or later
  • Omnitracs Navigation 4.9 updates detailed in the Omnitracs Navigation release notes and the driver-facing on-board support system
  • Various bug fixes and performance optimizations
  • The DriveWyze client has been updated to improve bypass functionality for drivers.
  • NaviGo has improved stability when using the application.
  • Hours of Service has been optimized to run faster and more effectively for drivers.

Known Issues - Hours of Service

The following are issues drivers may encounter as they use the IVG.

Omnitracs CoPilot® Truck™ Navigation

  • At times, routes do not persist after the power down timer expires.
  • In the event that a camera and IVG unit are not paired for several days and the camera cannot pull the correct system time through a GPS signal, a CER event may return the wrong video clips due to file names being dated incorrectly.
  • Dispatch integration my not populate all stops while using ALK CoPilot.

Critical Event Reporting

  • Forward collision warnings are sometimes misinterpreted by the mobile and reported incorrectly as a haptic event.

Critical Event Video

  • After installing camera equipment and enabling the application, some customers are having issues requesting video unless they first trigger a manual event prior to putting the equipment into service.
  • It may take longer than normal to pair a new camera to an IVG that was just unpaired from a previous camera.

Hours of Service

  • Light duty vehicles may show extra ELD malfunction errors.
  • If the processing of a carrier edit fails, the status may indicate the edit is still pending and the driver will be asked to review the edit again.
  • If the mobile unit is configured for the ELD HOS rules and the vehicle does not move fast enough to break the beginning of trip threshold, then a driving event will not be created.
  • If a driver is logged out while the vehicle is in motion but stays below the in-motion UI threshold, erroneous drive time may be associated with the account that was logged out.
  • Mobile units can prematurely send odometer readings which could cause forward log data to not be received by the host.
  • A false passenger violation might be reported when the co-driver logs off-duty time following a sleeper of 8 hours or more. This can occur if the vehicle moves during the off-duty but stops prior to the 2 hour off-duty maximum allowed in a moving vehicle.

In-Cab Scanning

  • After the driver successfully completes a Scan task and is redirected to Workflow, the image on the screen may not render correctly and could display as white stripes on the screen. The UI will refresh after a few seconds and Workflow will be displayed properly.

Media Manager

  • If a user manually reboots their unit while printing a PDF from Media Manager, it is possible that the unit may enter a reboot-loop.
  • When multiple MMS deliveries are sent to an IVG they can become stuck in the queue and not be delivered to the device.


  • An error is occasionally generated when a driver replies to a message that has a field with a value that's selected from a pick list (like state).

NaviGo™ Navigation powered by Verizon Connect

  • The menu is not available to both drivers when team driving.
  • In some instances, NaviGo gets stuck on the “Please wait” screen upon launching on the IVG. Pressing the home button will bring the driver back to the home screen where they can relaunch the application.

Operating System

  • If a malfunction or data diagnostic event is not correctly marked as cleared, the driver will continue to be alerted of the event.
  • Faulty GPS input can lead to a mobile clock that is incorrectly set to show a future date.
  • During the initial phases of booting up, the reset button may be used to reset the unit regardless of the status of the reset enablement setting.
  • IVGs might have problems communicating over GSM when in Canada.

Omnitracs Navigation

  • After changing the time zone on the IVG, Omnitracs Navigation requires the unit to be rebooted in order to show the correct time of arrival.
  • Omnitracs Navigation, when enabled, uses a high amount of device memory which can result in a slower system.

Over-the-Air Programming

  • If OTAP receives a Rollback Cancel before it has finished processing the incoming rollback operation, the rollback will not be canceled.
  • At times, the progress bar does not reset between consecutive operations.


  • Printing from a PJ722 on perforated rolls of paper have shown to be printing offset from the perforation by half an inch.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

  • The IVG may show a high-temperature flag in Alert Manager under normal conditions.

Trailer Tracks

  • Empty messages from Trailer Tracks can be interpreted incorrectly and incorrectly show that trailers are still connected to the IVG. Workaround: turn off the Trailer Tracks application on the unit, then enable it again by resending the Monitoring Plan, which removes the disconnect trailer and reconnects the correct trailer.

Vehicle Inspection Report

  • If a VIR is closed from the host while a vehicle is in motion, the “Response Needed” notification is not shown in the alert manager.

Vehicle Maintenance

  • If a fault is generated during Ignition Off or Startup, the device only displays the faults for Engine (SA=0), not for the other source addresses.


  • The cellular modem and/or Wi-Fi radio chip may stop responding, resulting in a system reset.

Weigh Station Bypass

  • In some instances, the Spanish version of Weigh Station Bypass is not providing appropriate messages to drivers. There is no workaround.

Web Browser

  • Navigation is briefly visible while the web browser is launching.
  • The web browser gets stuck on the “Please Wait” message. Pressing the home button will bring the driver back to the home screen to relaunch the application.
  • MP4 videos do not display with the correct aspect ratio.
  • Scroll bars do not display on all web pages that need them.
  • When drivers attempt to view videos full screen, the OS popup overlays the video.
  • Occasionally when scrolling past a video, the video will restart.
  • An error can appear when a driver replies to a message that has a field with a value that is selected from a pick list (like state).


Latency has been observed when Workflow is processing an auto-arrival. The mobile unit will recover on its own.