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IVG DA0966RST19 Release Notes

Hardware Requirements and Software Dependencies  

This firmware release supports the following and higher MCNs:

  • CV90-JC339-1xx, -2xx, -3xx
  • CA90-JE045-1xx, -2xx
  • CV90-JE045-1xx, -2xx
  • CA90-JC339-1xx, -2xx, -3xx

and is composed of the following software:

  • PAPI 1.9.1
  • VIOP 1.08.02
  • WEC2013 OS (OS 61)
  • CoPilot® 
  • Navigo 
  • OTNav 4.9.9 
  • Zetakey 1.0
  • DriveWyze 2.0.1 
  • DriverHelp 09.00 

Operating System  

  • Operating system and firmware will now be upgraded in the same install. With this enhancement, the operating system will be updated to the latest version OS61.
  • 4G LTE units that use IVG satellite and all DTTS enabled units (UA 108500000 or higher) are compatible with the Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact operating system (WEC2013 OS) OS53 or higher.


HOS New Features and Enhancements

Updates to Sleeper Berth  

OHOS 3194

When a co-driver is Off-duty in a Passenger Seat of a moving commercial vehicle (49 CFR 395.2) to complete a Split Sleeper Berth pairing, the ELD will no longer automatically change the driver’s duty status to On-duty not Driving. The co-driver will receive a warning message at 30, 15, and 1 minute before the third hour of off-duty time if the vehicle is moving; however, there will be no automatic duty status change.


OHOS  4110

Multiple reports indicated that drivers were continuously receiving alerts anticipating a potential HOS rules violation, as seen in the image below, after an extension of the 14-hour work window was granted in accordance with the new HOS rules.


To address this, pessimistic alerts are now removed so drivers will only see the true optimistic driving alerts at 60, 30, and 15 minutes before and at the time of violation. Once a driver has selected the Will Pair SB option, the following screen will be displayed. Drivers must acknowledge the requirement by selecting OK. If the driver turns off the Will Pair SB option, no message box will be displayed.


The same changes apply for Canadian split sleeper alerts.

Additional Fixes

Work Item Number Issue
OOTIS 25494 The time shown in the history tab of the DTTS (Defense Transportation Tracking System) app appeared in UTC time instead of local time. This issue has been resolved.
OOTIS 25522 An issue that prevented Drivewyze from resolving the name for DNS has been corrected.

The IVG DA0966RST19 is a patch for DA0966RST18. Click here to access the ST18 release notes. To see a complete description of updates and fixes, please review the Previous IVG Release Notes in addition to the information shown here.

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