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Reprogramming the Wireless Panic Button

Pairing a receiver with a transmitter

The receiver should be mounted in the dash in a location that can easily be mounted with tie wraps, preferably near the fuse panel.

  1. Locate the Wireless Panic Button Receiver Module in the vehicle. Remove tie-wraps to allow access to remove the Bottom Cover.
  2. Remove the 2 screws on bottom cover.
  3. With the receiver powered, press the Learning button (shown below). A small LED near the Learning button will flash to indicate the receiver is in program mode.
  4. Press the button on the fob to be matched to the receiver.
  5. Press the Learning button again. The LED will stop flashing.
  6. Test the panic button by pressing the button on the fab and confirming a panic message is initiated and sent.
  7. Reinstall Bottom Cover and secure receiver in vehicle.

Repeat process for additional Remote Transmitters as needed.

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