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Omnitracs Navigation 5.8 for XRS Beta Features

Omnitracs Navigation provides drivers with a tool they can easily use to find the best path to take for their trip. The application features a map showing the driver the path, as well as audible and visible alerts for turns and other important events. In addition, you can configure the application regarding the types of roads it proposes so that the path meets your needs.


Using Omnitracs Navigation, drivers can:

  • provide feedback on road closures and other conditions.
  • choose the most commonly used options and add them to the Quick Menu for easier access.
  • search for a destination and add it to the trip.
  • select a point on the map and get directions to it.
  • search for a fuel stop, restaurant, or other point of interest (POI) and save it or navigate to it.
  • manipulate the map (for example, zoom in and out) to see more or less area.
  • find a detour to the next location if necessary.
  • add, edit, or remove a stop on a trip.
  • re-sequence stops on a trip.
  • choose to have the application automatically arrive at a stop or they can manually arrive at the stop.
  • view a simulation of the trip on the device.
  • receive a notification and an audible alert when they are at risk of grounding the truck and when they are near a railway crossing.
  • hear audible alerts for issues like speeding. Depending on how the system is configured, the driver can choose the settings for these alerts.
  • easily access help.

In addition:

  • If there are stop notes for the individual stops on the trip, the driver can view the notes.
  • Depending on how the system is configured, the driver can set the vehicle attributes and path settings that will affect the suggested path.
  • The driver is alerted when maps need to be updated. When alerted, the driver can update maps then or at a later time.
  • Omnitracs Navigation can be integrated with a transportation management system (TMS) and can receive trips from the TMS.
  • The system takes real-time traffic conditions into account when a new route path is created for the driver.
  • Omnitracs Navigation prompts the driver if there is a faster path and will automatically re-route the path unless the worker dismisses the suggestion. The re-route suggestion is read aloud and displayed on the screen.
  • Roads with high traffic are displayed in red. Roads with medium traffic are displayed in orange.


  • A number of screens have been optimized to display in portrait mode.
  • Some pop-up prompts have been updated to provide a consistent look.
  • The Route Status window has been updated so you can easily see which path setting the driver has followed or deviated from.
  • The junction view has been redesigned—an exit sign is now displayed over the map and will auto-close if you do not close it manually.
  • New path settings that the driver can set allow real-time traffic to be applied to your path and set a time limit that determines how often a path is recalculated.
  • The maps now display disabled and blocked roads.
  • Access to the Detour, Arrive, and Cancel options have been moved to the kabob (three-dot) menu at the top of the map. Select the menu and the options are displayed in a list.
  • Turn-by-turn audible directions now provide more information.
  • Building outlines can now be seen on the map.
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