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Customer Migration

Process to migrate drivers from the Legacy App (Sylectus Mobile) to the new one (Sylectus Driver)

Note: Please remember that Tech Support can assist with this process. Contact them by sending an email to Tech Support Assistance is recommended for accounts with a large amount of drivers on the old app and/or for accounts with drivers that use devices without SMS service (e.g. tablets).

App icons (reference): 


To do the migration of drivers using devices with SMS service autonomously, please follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Fleets > Tracking Devices and click on the name of each driver that will migrated.clipboard_eb0aebd3179ea95f0a17bdee1f9c3f329.png
  2. Erase the tracking devices of the drivers that will be migrated by clicking on "Delete Device". clipboard_eda6551a8137e342a614eaef7f6db4bad.png
  3. Go to Fleets > Drivers and select the driver ID of each driver. The applicable Driver Profile will open automatically.clipboard_eaf59e961cf29eb750135eb6a6bded055.png
  4. Enter the cell phone number assigned to the device that they will be using.
  5. Select "Nextel w/ GPS" under WAP Device. clipboard_ed54a973e25eb08a3006e52e3f77ecb52.png
  6. Save these changes by clicking on "Continue" and then on "Save Entry".clipboard_e2dc7a340b4e58e5498acea6a3a1c26bd.pngclipboard_ec6303b113be4253ca75b60f13f0e9a06.png
  7. Back on the Drivers Page find the Driver App column and select iOS or Android depending on the type of device that each driver have. clipboard_eaf04a569edf09ca836f0b6b781168270.pngclipboard_e2663ed269aa38d71f2b0ed7ca3ba9d47.png
  8. Click on "Text App Invite"clipboard_e03a9796d283bfe35d352b054fd423cd3.png
  9. Drivers will receive a text invitation with the link to download the app, after downloading it, they will be signed in automatically. 
  10. For more information related to the app download and onboarding, please refer to the following pages: 


If you run into any issue, please reach out to Tech Support. 
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