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Release Notes - APP v2.1.0

Sylectus Driver – APP v2.1.0

Release Notes - APP V2.1.0

  • Filter Functionality: Users now have the ability to apply a filter to the BOL document uploaded through the BOL Scan Image workflow.
  1. User selects the Scan Image option and takes a photo to the BOL document.
  2. User crops the image as desired.
  3. Afterwards user will now be able to select a filter option between “original” and “document”.
  4. The selected filter will be applied to the cropping selection as soon as user clicks on the “Confirm button”.


  • Drop & Hook – New workflow: Users now can select from the following loading/unloading options if they have a trailer hooked to their tractor at the pickup and at the delivery stops:
    • Live loading/unloading – Trailer will remain hooked to the user’s tractor.
    • Dropping a trailer – Trailer will be dropped; user will be able to specify if it has FOB or not.
    • Hooking to a trailer – A new trailer will be hooked; user will be able to specify the New Trailer ID #.

*Users will be able to select the Drop and the Hook option at the same time.
**If users select live loading or unloading, drop and hook options will be unabled.




*PLEASE NOTE –  For drivers to have access to these new features, they will need to update the Sylectus Driver app to the latest version available. To do so, they have the following options:


  • Sylectus Driver Settings Section

o   Go to the Settings Section of the app.

o   If driver is not on the latest app version (2.0), an update button will appear under Settings.

o   Clicking on it will take the driver to the app store to download it.


  •  Google/Apple App Store

o   Go directly to the Apple or Google App Store.

o   Search for the Sylectus Driver App.

o Click on the “update” button to download the latest version.


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