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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Outlook 2022 FAQs

Below are the FAQs shared during the event along with bonus content and information on how to access our various Knowledge Base resources.

Omnitracs Knowledge Base Overview

Thank you for attending our Outlook 2022 User Conference.  Below are the FAQs shared during the event along with bonus content and information on how to access our various Knowledge Base resources.   



How to Access our Knowledge Base

For all Omnitracs Platforms:  you can access the KB via our applications and websites under a sub menu under Help.  If you are unable to locate or access the site please contact our support team.  

For Smart Drive Safety User Guides, Support Documentation, Service Policies, Authorization Forms, and SmartRecorder Systems:  please visit the Help site from within the SmartDrive Response Center.


Omnitracs One FAQs

Question: After a recent program upgrade Fleetview or Compliance screens are not drawing properly or users receive an authorization error.  What can I do?


Clearing your browser cache is required after most upgrades and is called out in our release communications.   In most browsers users can Hit Shift-Control -Del and hit ok to clear their cache and relaunch your browser once post upgrade to resolve various concerns regarding locally cached pages/files.  

For deleting the browser cache with a shortcut in the most common browsers, please follow these steps:

  • Open the browser and select it.

  • Press following keys simultaneously

    • PC: [Ctrl], [Shift] and [Del]

    • Ensure Time Range on top is set to Delete from All Time

    • Ensure check mark next to Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files

    • Hit Clear data

Question: My route is not tracking properly in Fleetview.  What can I do?


  • Verify the driver was successfully able to log into the route and the device is communicating.
  • Ensure the driver/equipment are both in the same Primary Region (non-region hierarchy).
  • Ensure older routes that were associated with the driver/equipment have been completed.
  • Ensure the telematics device assigned to the correct vehicle.


Question: Why didn’t driver auto arrive to stop when entering the geofence? 


  • Verify the appropriate settings are enabled.   Region settings - Smartphone - Auto Arrive / Depart – Mobile Device
  • If a driver goes off duty before meeting minimum stop time,  the system will arrive them at a break rather than arrive at the stop.
  • Ensure the proper geofence is defined under Maintenance - Service locations and compare to driver entered geofence.


Question: Why do I have a route that is not auto completing?


  • Verify the minimum Route Duration (%) is not being met.
  • Verify the route’s planned service times are accurate.
  • In Region settings – Smartphone – Auto Arrive / Depart – Mobile Device: Verify auto arrive at destination is enabled.  This setting also handles auto completion of the route.
  • Verify the depot’s geofence is accurately defined around warehouse parking areas.


Video Safety FAQs

Question:  Why did I receive a notification that our SmartRecorder installation(s) failed QA (Quality Assurance)?



  • When an installation QA fails, majority of the issues require adjustments made to camera angle(s), which are not following the recommended 40-60% rule, incorrect cables for ECU/Metadata, and/or setpoint adjustments are required to align with customers entitlement programs. i.e.) 360, ADAS, Inattentive, ECU Protocol for OBDII, etc.
  • It is important to ensure Diagnostic Tests are provided when vehicle is not enclosed in a garage and has clear range of the horizon. This will eliminate Diagnostic Test fault codes from inaccurately reading cellular connectivity/signal and GPS.


Question:  Why has my Order Event request not offloaded?



  • For Order Event requests to process, please ensure the vehicle has received an ignition cycle to On, SmartRecorder received power and Sensor Bar lights indicate the system is online and communicating, and vehicle is outdoors to receive required cellular connectivity.

Question:  I am unsure what time an incident occurred, but I have the approximate location. How do I determine what events are available to order?  



  • Within the Order Events site, there is a Map tab which provides the vehicle location and number events recorded, that can assist in identifying the time frame of the incident.

Question:  Why are offloaded events showing UNKNOWN or incorrect driver?


  • If using In-Vehicle Keypad, please be sure drivers are logging in and out of the vehicle during their assigned shifts.
  • When integration is used for Driver schedules, the TMS (Transportation Management System), aka legacy system, drive time may be missing and/or the timing of SmartDrive receiving schedules from the customer occurs after an event had offloaded.


Compliance & Mobile FAQs


Question:  What do I do if my Driver accepts UVA by accident?


XRS/OT1 HOS - Drivers who incorrectly accept UVA should notify their supervisor.  The supervisor can then edit their RODS to undo the UVA acceptance.  After the driver accepts the edit, the UVA will be removed from their RODS and available for the supervisor to assign or reclassify as needed.

 IVG HOS -The admin can view all UVA from the Vehicles tab. After drilling down to the specific vehicle and date, the admin can select the event(s) and choose to unassign those event(s) from the driver by selecting the “Unassign” button. After the driver accepts the edit, the UVA event can then be reassigned to the correct driver.  Once again, in the Vehicles tab, the admin must select the UVA event. This time the admin will use the “Driver/CoDriver” button to designate the correct driver for the UVA event.


Question: My driver is out of hours and their RODS do not appear to be correct.  What do I do?




Step 1 - Review and edit any Duty/Off/SB or manually-recorded Drive segments that were incorrectly logged by the Driver.

Step 2 - Identify any Drive segments that do not belong to the driver. For XRS, if they are due to mistaken UVA acceptance, use the ‘Undo’ function to remove them.

IVG HOS -  Use the same steps. On Duty/Off Duty/SB or Manually-recorded drive segments may be appropriately edited. If UVA is identified, please use the Vehicles tab to undo the UVA assignment. Automatic drive segments that appear incorrect will need to be annotated per FMCSA guidance.



Question:  I have been informed we are going to be audited by DOT.  What should I do to prepare?


  • Run a violations report, UVA report, review any malfunctions, and verify ERODS report.  Ensure all required compliance information such as license # and issuing information is correctly entered for your drivers and other entities.


Question:  I have a vehicle that does not switch to Drive even though it is on the road.  How do I fix this?


  • This indicates that our hardware is not receiving Speed information from the vehicle ECM.  It is recommended that the device, the cable, and the connection to the vehicle be inspected for possible problems.


Question:  My Driver cannot pair to a vehicle?



Step 1:  Hit Retry 

Step 2:  Verify Driver/Equipment are in same Primary Region  (non-region hierarchy). 

Step 3:  Verify in maintenance in the OT1 portal the telematics device is associated to the correct piece of equipment.


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