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Roadnet Telematics LMU 3640 Release Notes

The 2021.R1 firmware release for the Roadnet Telematics 3640 device has several enhancements. 

  • Added support for higher ignition voltage detection in 24v vehicles
  • Added a battery management feature to help extend the battery's lifecycle
  • Added a low voltage check and deep sleep mode to help preserve vehicle battery charge 
  • Added automatic DTC message after the ignition has been on for 5 minutes
  • Added support for Cat M with supported devices
  • Added current consumption limit during extreme temperatures to prevent internal battery damage
  • Changed sleeping device heartbeat wakeup interval to 8 hours
  • Changed engine crank detection logic to better detect ignition on
  • Fixed panic button and PTO input mapping
  • Fixed an issue that caused the scheduled event message to sporadically fire outside of the schedule
  • Fixed accumulator versioning across all script variants
  • Fixed edge case cellular issues with upcoming AT&T 3G sunset
  • Fixed excessive VBUS queries when the device is installed/wakes up while the engine is off
  • Fixed excessive CAN bus errors that could lead to the device disabling the vehicle for safety reasons


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