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Omnitracs XRS Relay 5.80.0017 Release Notes - September 1, 2021



A maintenance update for the Omnitracs XRS Relay will be available on Wednesday, September 1, 2021. This release includes enhancements and software corrections for the Omnitracs XRS Relay.

After the deployment, Omnitracs XRS Mobile will download the Omnitracs XRS Relay update in the background the next time Omnitracs XRS Mobile is associated with the XRS Relay. The update will then install once Omnitracs XRS Mobile is disassociated from the XRS Relay. 

For more information, see the topic “Updating the Omnitracs XRS Relay” in the Omnitracs XRS Knowledge Base.


 Android App Version 5.80.0017

This ONLY impacts Compliance customers utilizing XRS Relay units.  

Work Number Item


CEV-1362 Corrects behavior where Overspeed Alerts were not being generated when events are triggered. Overspeed alerts will not correctly populate in the Alert Report.
CEV-1123 Support new event request subcode for “Work Alone” to enable an auto-generated Work Alone event. 
CEV-1051 Update “Panic” Event to include ECM data
CEV-41 Optimize Overspeed Event recording


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