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Omnitracs One Compliance Mobile App 6.60.0268

12/20/2022 Release Notes


This release includes changes to ELD functionality that are required for continued compliance with the ELD mandates in the United States and Canada.  On January 11, 2023, Omnitracs will submit an update to the ELD certification documentation provided on the FMCSA ELD Website to indicate that the minimum application version for Omnitracs One with AMG-C, Omnitracs One with Relay, and XRS with Relay will be 6.60.0268.


XRS-20011 – Driver unable to change to On Duty manually in parked vehicle

Fixed an issue where a Driver was unable to change to “On Duty” status manually without an ignition change.  Drivers will be able to change their duty status at the conclusion of Drive Segment. 


XRS-20060 – Mobile creates duplicate statuses

On occasion, a driver’s duty status may be duplicated when viewed in the mobile app and on mobile ERODS.  For example, “On-duty Not Driving” may be shown twice with the same time stamp.  Although this can occur, the system is accurately recording duty statuses for drivers.  Drivers can clear the duplicate entries by logging out and then logging in again.


This release applies to Omnitracs One with AMG-C, Omnitracs One with Relay, and XRS with Relay.

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