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Omnitracs One 6.7 Host Release Notes for User Acceptance Testing (UAT V1)


We are pleased to announce that the Omnitracs 6.7 Host Release Notes for User Acceptance Testing (UAT V1) will be available on 4/19/2023..

This release includes feature enhancements and software corrections.


Feature Enhancements for UAT V1


Active Alert

Privacy Notice 

Renamed 'Privacy Policy' link to 'Privacy Notice'.

Active Alert's privacy policy has been updated and will now link to the new privacy notice page. 

Notify Recipient when Subscription is Deleted

Active Alert will notify delivery recipients if their subscription to a location is deleted by users. 

Web App: Order History (Display ETA & Map)

  • Timestamp details for different order statuses are added in 'Order History' for easy access of information. 
  • Added tabs to the 'Order Details' panel to access map, delivery, pick-up, and transit orders information. 

Delivery recipients can use 'Remove Service Locations' to delete a Service Location to discontinue receiving alerts if no longer needed. 


Compliance (Host and Mobile)

Filter Inactive Drivers out of Hours of Service Reports

Hours of Service (HOS) Driver Payroll Report

Inactive drivers can now be excluded from the following reports:

  • Hours of Service Report
  • Driver Payroll Report
  • Available Hours Report


Compliance - Hours of Service (Host and Mobile)

Co-Driver Status (Mobile)

A HOS/ELD Co-Driver who is currently in Off-Duty status in the passenger seat, will remain in Off-Duty status even when they exceed the allowed regulatory time in Off-Duty while in a moving vehicle.

Hours of Service/ELD Enhancements

Vehicle License Plate Country List (Micronesia)

The Federated States of Micronesia was removed from the Vehicle License Plate Country List in XRS Host. 

eRODS Option to Select One or More Vehicles

During a back-office audit, the user now has the ability select one or more vehicles for an eRODS transfer. When “HOS eRODS Extract” is selected from Reporting > Compliance, the user now has the option to select either Driver(s) or Vehicle(s).  

When “Driver(s)” is selected, the behavior of this UI is unchanged.  

When “Vehicle(s)” is selected, the user can select one or more vehicles.  

An eRODS is generated for every driver that logged into the selected vehicle(s) during the requested date range and sent to FMCSA. Each Driver’s eRODS file is for the same date range as selected in the original request. 

UVA Tool Enhancement

When using the Unassigned Vehicle Activity (UVA) tool, a user has the option to export all fields, or only the displayed fields, in the UVA Tool when using the Unassigned option.

Gap in Miles Threshold 

An XRS Host user can now set a Gap In Miles Threshold value to avoid false positives.  

Split Sleeper Enhancements

Driver Notification - Split Sleeper Will Pair setting change.

A Driver using Hours of Service/ELD will be notified that their Split Sleeper Will Pair setting changed the next time they login to be aware of optimistic vs pessimistic clock values.


Your Split Sleeper Will Pair setting has changed, you are now showing [optimistic or pessimistic] Clocks.

Uncertified Driver Logs Report

New Report: Uncertified Driver Logs Details

A new report is available that allows management to view log certification status for a group of Drivers.

The report is available in Reports > HOS > Uncertified Driver Logs > Uncertified Driver Logs Details.

Report Features:

  • Select one or more Organizations or Regions.
  • Select one or more Resource Groups.
  • Select one or more Driver(s).
  • Select a date range of 7, 8, or 14 days.
  • Report can be scheduled to run.

Report Details:

  • Organization(s)/Region(s), ReSource Group(s), or Driver(s).
  • Date Range Selected.
  • Driver Name.
  • Driver ID.
  • Date Range Identifier.



To comply with the local laws & regulations of France & Portugal, we have disabled Speeding related alerts and UI elements, for fleets using Dispatching and operating entirely within or driving through France and Portugal.


Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) (Host and Mobile)


The DVIR Feature, Inspection Summary and Inspection Report were rebranded to meet Solera standards. 

Inspect Feature Renamed

The Inspect feature has been renamed to DVIR. 

New Command Inspect Option in User Permissions 

We added an Inspect option to user permissions in Command.
All companies who are licensed to use DVIR 3.0 will be able to enable the user to access DVIR reports. This option is available in Access control.

During a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report, the driver may identify a Major Defect.

When this occurs, the current workflow will lock the workflow with a Post Trip Critical Defect, but currently does not lock the driver out of the workflow with a pre-trip.  

We have added an option in the Tasks Page box that says, “Prevent Driver from continuing through workflow when they are hooked to equipment that has an active Major Defect identified.” When enabled, we present the driver with a customized prompt. This applies to a new defect, or one reported previously that has not been resolved. This feature will not allow the driver to proceed through the workflow when the equipment they are connected to has a Major Defect. 

 This means that: 

  • The driver cannot activate any new tasks or stops when they have identified a major defect. 
  • The driver can identify that the equipment was repaired. 
  • When the driver hooks to equipment that a previous driver identified a major defect on that is still active that we display the prompt and do not allow them to continue through workflow. 
  • Once the equipment has been repaired the driver can continue through the workflow. 
  • If that driver hooks to a new piece of equipment that does not have any major defect, then we allow them to continue through their workflow. 

Customizable “Not Safe to Operate” Prompt for DVIR Task Types

Added a configuration option for DVIR Task types to allow a customer to enable a custom message for the major defect notification.

  • The user can create a configurable message to a driver when they identify a major defect.
  • If a configurable message is now created, a default message is displayed.

Default Message:

The equipment you are connected to has been identified as having major defect and is unsafe to operate, you will not be able to continue to update your trip workflow until the equipment has been repaired, or you connect to equipment that has not been identified as having Major defect(s).

  • The driver will be prompted when a major defect is identified, and the inspection is saved.
  • The driver is required to acknowledge the prompt.


Fuel - IFTA Data

IFTA Data for Six Years + the Current Year

When using the Trip or Fuel Details report, the data includes six years plus the current year when an audit is requested.


Insight and Reporting

Report Enhancements

The Equipment Position History report allows the user to select an individual vehicle and a time range greater than 24 hours to return the position data.

The new Distance by Jurisdiction report allows the user to run the report with multiple regions simultaneously.

Scheduled Reports now display the correct value in the Created In Region column, when possible, instead of displaying UNKNOWN.

The Equipment Position History CSV report for Reporting and Scheduling modules, allows the user to select an individual vehicle and a time range greater than 24 hours to return the position data.




Omnitracs Navigation 2.0 Host

Omnitracs One Mobile Device entities now integrate with Trimble Portal.

Add, update, and delete actions are now synchronized from the OT1 portal into the Trimble Portal.
The integration must be enabled from the Roadnet Admin portal, and it must remain enabled to ensure that the data between the OT1 portal and the Trimble portal is synced.

The integration is set per Customer and is configured to match the Trimble Company Account ID.
For example:

The integration is only available for customers with the Navigation module purchased and a license number for Omnitracs Navigation 2.0 (CoPilot) greater than zero.
The entity sync is started once in the account, the admin:

  • Go into the Admin Site, modify the customer.
  • Assign an Account ID that matches the customer account in Trimble Systems

** Note that setting an account ID but NOT checking Equipment/Mobile Device checkboxes will not trigger an entity sync, so if you want to add the account id ahead of time but not enable the customer, do not check Equipment/Mobile Device.

  • Enable Trimble Integration by checking at least one checkbox (“Mobile Devices” or “Equipment and Equipment Type”, notice that each checkbox will integrate the specific type of entity).
  • This then sends all Mobile Devices, Equipment and Equipment Types messages to a TIBCO topic, which is then consumed by our Windows Service.

The Roadnet Admin system can retrieve the license count to improve the management of the account but is not a must to retrieve the data.


RNA and Trimble Matching Fields

The relationship of the fields is as described below:

RNA – Mobile Device entity Trimble – Asset entity
Device ID Username/Device ID (Format: deviceid/prod)
Description First Name
Enable CoPilot Navigation License Assignments


Import Method

The import method functionality available at the OT1 portal is supported and allows you to quickly add new Mobile Devices or update them.

The integration does not support special characters @#$%^&`[]\\{}| in the Mobile Device ID field, this means that when an ID contains a special character it will not be added into the Trimble portal.


Omnitracs Navigation 2.0 Mobile Installation Improvements (Host and Mobile)

Before upgrading, please look at these important considerations:

The dispatcher app (Drive or RN Mobile) and Omnitracs Navigation 2.0 (CoPilot) apps must be upgraded to the latest 6.7 version together.

To use the Omnitracs Navigation 2.0 (CoPilot) app, the Mobile Device ID must have a license assigned in both Omnitracs One and Trimble Fleet Portal, note that after this release is recommended to handle the license from Omnitracs One portal only.

The driver must open the dispatcher app (Drive or RN Mobile) and trigger the navigation to a stop to enable the Omnitracs Navigation 2.0 (CoPilot) license.


The APK can be grabbed from OT1/RNA, the application is displayed under Administration > Application downloads, now the product is displayed for Customer with more than zero(0) licenses for Omnitracs Navigation 2.0 (CoPilot) and the Navigation module purchased.

  • Omnitracs Navigation 2.0 (CoPilot) customers will see the navigation app displayed in the Omnitracs Installer.
  • The application is displayed under the name: Omnitracs Navigation 2.0 (CoPilot).


  • The logic was changed to stop displaying the OTNav 1.0 version by default.
  • Now when the Customer doesn’t have licenses for OTNav 1.0, the application is NOT listed in the RNA portal under Administration > Application downloads, this also ensures that the Omnitracs Installer only set the navigation app that is licensed for the account.


Enable Global nav (NavGE) by Verizon Connect for a Mobile Device

A new checkbox has been added below Enable Omnitracs Navigation in Mobile devices for customers who have purchased the Navigation module and have one or more NavGE licenses, now have an option to enable Global nav (NavGE) by Verizon Connect.

All checkboxes show if you purchased navigation, regardless of the number of licenses. This applies to Omnitracs One and Roadnet Anywhere customers.


When you do not have licenses assigned, an error is displayed:


Verizon Connect Global Nav NavGE in Mobile
Before upgrading, please look at these important considerations:

  • Use the Verizon NavGE v6.24.9 application to integrate with 6.7 Roadnet Mobile or Drive.
  • To use the Verizon NavGE app, the Mobile Device ID must have a license assigned.
  • The driver must open the dispatcher app (Drive or RN Mobile) and navigate to a stop to enable the Verizon NavGE license.

Integrate NavGE into the Omnitracs Drive App

When using the application integrated with the Drive application:
The driver can enable the license by tapping on the Enter Navigation button of the Drive main menu. The driver no longer needs to have a Trip loaded.
Note that the configuration in the back office portal must be done ahead of trying to enable the license on the mobile device.

The OT Drive App now specifies the hazmat type as None for launching NavGE when a hazmat category is not assigned for the stop.

clipboard_e9c5fdb563de314c7ff588738afa9f738.png   clipboard_e53d02cf46fd13d6df8dd6f3da0e2d3a8.png


Integrate NavGE into Roadnet Mobile

With the 6.7 version of Roadnet Mobile we start supporting the integration of NavGE.

  • Custom code for service locations support is now passed to NavGE. The information is in the logs on RN mobile.

Equipment and Hazmat information is now passed to NavGE. The information can be seen in the RN mobile logs.

The RN Mobile App now specifies the hazmat type as None for launching NavGE when a hazmat category is not assigned for the stop.

clipboard_ea0f21a57208a1961b75f944bd91d5cac.png   clipboard_e8bc5f29c60e963859f2259cea26de308.png

clipboard_eb49939504a6906377091f02f744a620d.png   clipboard_eb5456b5efb8270155710319ab0a2353b.png


OTNav 1.0 Map Release and Minor Improvements (Host and Mobile)

  • A new map set for 2022 Q3 is available, which includes updates and improvements to the accuracy of the map data.
  • When using the Map Edits functionality from RNA/OT1 portal, now the new map schema 12.1.16 can be used with the prior map schema version 12.1.15 on the mobile device.
  • In the host, there was an issue that blocked the ability to delete Mobile Device IDs with special characters from RNA/OT1 portal, now those can be deleted.
  • Enhancement to the logging of the integration between Device Manager and RNA/OT1 portal to improve the troubleshooting.
  • OTNav 1.0 now has a foreground service to make the application always awake. You will see a new notification on top of the app that will always be there if the app is running, this allows you to do HTTP requests even when the device is locked or sleeping.

clipboard_e3c5029b123ff7a9b15ca2e77666c9a20.png   clipboard_e8c0d719a1d89318d198e10ef43c34578.png

  • Enhancements to the navappsync/navlocationssync logging to trace down the sync when using split-view or when the data is already up to date.
  • Now OTNav 1.0 has a timeout for navappsync/navlocationssync requests of 5 mins. The value is configurable in CP with these keys:
    • [NavAppSyncInfo]
      • NavSyncRequestTimeoutInSecs = 300
    • [NavAppSyncLocations]
      • NavLocRequestTimeoutInSecs = 300
  • RNA/OT1 portal accepts decimal for the Speeding Threshold, which was provoking an unexpected behavior on the mobile devices, now the system processes the decimals by rounding those to an integer for example:
    • 5.0 - 5.5 is redounded to 5
    • 5.6 - 5.9 is redounded to 6
  • Now OTNav 1.0 can detect the AMGC hotspot as a Terrestrial connection when using any supported OS including Android 12.
  • Improvement to the Text to Speech functionality, now when arriving at a Point Of Interest the application does not spell the zip code.
  • In OTNav 1.0 it is recommended to enable "UseHistoricTraffic" in Path Settings to avoid the use of restricted roads.



New Black Box Report

A user can now generate a Black Box Report using the following criteria:

  • Company
  • Organization
  • Start Date and End Date
  • Driver
  • Event type
  • Vehicle ID
  • TGT #
  • Serial Number from XRS Master: Reports > Performance > Critical Events > Black Box Report



Roadnet Anywhere Localization- Existing Cultures

The following three cultures is available to Route Navigator:

  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • French Canadian
  • Spanish (Latin America)

Telephone Numbers have been globalized in Route Navigator.

Entity Audit Log

           Added audit options to the ServiceLocation entity.

The new options are:

  • List updates by entity type
  • Display the changes that occurred in an update.
  • Identify who performed the action.
  • Allow for searching within the results.
  • Entities to be included are:
    • Service Locations
    • Worker
    • Equipment Type
    • Equipment
    • Depots

ComplianceCountry will be displayed at audit log of Equipment.

Costs and HelperCosts modified changes will be displayed at audit log of Workers.

International Expansion to Europe - Detected External Issues

Import Template in Other Languages

Latitude > Maintenance > Service Locations > Import Active Alert Subscriptions

When importing Active Alert Subscriptions, it is now possible to use a template in another language.

You can now edit the SMS settings on the Region General Settings page. In Omnitracs Web go to Administration > Region > Add / Edit > General.
SMS Settings are at the bottom of the General page.


When a user enters the recipient's phone number, the number will be validated against the countries specifications.


The Description from Service Location is now added as a shown/hidden column to the Service Details table template.



Planner Routing Enhancements

Implemented the purge of soft deleted strategic routing sessions along with their content (territories, routes, recurring orders).
Also added logic to purge archived and expired planning sessions (archived before the data retention period).

  • You can now select one or multiple stops, in order to adjust the Service Time for these stops.
  • We implemented the Service Time Override tab within Service Location.
  • Added Service Time Type drop down in Service Location details.
  • Service Time Type entities can be edited in the Maintenance module (grid + editor).
  • Service Time Type Detail editor.
  • Grid/list to populate with multiple STT Details.
  • Validation matching RN (Order Class and days).
  • Service Time Type drop-down to Service Location editor.

The Orders Grid now has a new column called Add Product Type.

Data Enhancements

  • UI and validation Improvements to Data Purge.
  • Modified Data Notification Purge Processor to only run during off hours and to purge just notifications.
  • Implemented the soft deletion of routes.
  • Enhanced performance of the routing process when deleting 'Unassigned Order' groups.

Route Navigator Performance Enhancements

Route Template data retrieval has been re-worked so that stops will not have to be retrieved prior to plotting the route template and route templates for all sets are now retrieved in batches so the number of retrieved templates will no longer be limited to 2000.

Locking Manifests is no longer required as the limit has been removed.



The column Product Type is now visible at the Orders Grid similar to the Unassigned grid.

The thin client (Route Navigator) has been upgraded to improve performance in multiple ways including moving it to a 64-bit architecture.

The Strategic Planning performance has been enhanced when deleting recurring orders. 


Web Services and Integrations

Assign Days

A user of the REST call should be able to use the “Assigned Days” and “Create Territories” API calls for Strategic Planner without specifying the entity key.
They can use the same identifier of the Pass Template instead.

 Milesahead Data API

An additional property, copilotPathSettings has been added to the Data API /asset-search/attributes API call.

RNA Adapters Milesahead Integration

Modify DeviceIntegrator MobileDeviceInfo to return Mobile Device nav status and assigned region cellular download capabilities.

Response now returns two more properties:

- isCoPilotAppEnabled

- isCoPilotTerrestrialMapDownloadEnabled

XRS - Driver Web Service. The Display Scorecard in Driver Portal setting can now be reviewed and modified using web service calls.
A new optional field EnableDriverDashboard is available for GET, POST, and PUT requests, and it accepts values of Yes or No. The default is Yes.


Now includes an identifier and entity key in returned error messages to identify which items have encountered the error. 


Software Corrections

Work Item Number Issue Component
RPE-87280 An error message will now appear when attempting to activate an alert that does not have a template attached. Active Alert
RPE-95574 Corrected an issue where phone number formatting was saving incorrectly once edited. Active Alert
RPE-91342 Fixed an issue where OTNav calculates a route using a restricted road. OTNav recommends users enable "UseHistoricTraffic" in Path Settings in OTNav to avoid the use of restricted roads.  Android IVG Skins
MA3PI-3420 Fixed an issue where the Appointment windows are showing incorrectly in Drive compared to TMW.  API
RPE-85459 Fixed an issue where OT1 WorkerLogs is returning an incorrect value of zero for the field "remainingDutyTime" when the remaining duty time is greater than zero.  API
RPE-92879 Fixed an issue in RNA when doing the REST call where the city and county fields were swapped as settlement and city.  API
RPE-94712 Fixed an issue that affects Serviceable Stop elements. For stops which contains more than one order, planned and actual quantities at stop level only shows values from the first order.  API
RPE-94715 Fixed an issue in the OT1 REST API in the PROD environment when invoking a GET request to a route actuals endpoint including a Stops value for expand query parameter, quantities (planned / actual) at stop level are returned as 0. API
RPE-98979 Fixed an issue in the Events web service that returned an Internal Server Error. API
XRS-16671 Fixed an issue in Omnitracs One and XRS to prevent inaccurate rule-set changes in Hours of Service when crossing the border between Maine and Quebec. Embedded
RPE-89408 Fixed an issue where using the word Parkway instead of Pkwy resulted in incorrect geocoding. GIS
RPE-90006 Fixed a bug whereby the Map Editor was not saving changes to Physical Weight when the user attempted to enter a value and save. GIS
RPE-93342 Fixed an issue where opening the Interactive Geocoder from the Route Navigator resulted in a reference error. GIS
DCMD-7359 Fixed an issue when attempting to change Duty Status after selecting the 30-Minute HOS Rest Break. The user receives an error "Warning: Duty status selected is the same as your current duty status." Even though the message is displayed, the user is prevented from initiating the rest break but behind the scenes the status changed. HOS
RPE-100174 Fixed an Equipment History issue where running the Historical Proximity Report that did not complete. HOS
XRS-16717 Fixed an issue in the Available Time Report where the Available Hours column doesn't match up with the Drive + Duty Hours columns. HOS
XRS-18069 Fixed an issue in OT1: RNA > Maintenance and XRS Customer account > Admin > Vehicles, where the user was not able to remove a telematics device from the vehicle. HOS
RPE-100168 Fixed an issue in Maintenance Items, where importing Service Time Types caused an unexpected error and the data was not updated. Host
RPE-100387 Fixed an issue when performing a edit in Maintenance in Roadnet Anywhere that resulted in a server busy error. Host
RPE-100845 Fixed an issue where route data was being deleted after three months instead of 36 months as expected. Host
RPE-101699 Fixed an issue where some French characters did not display properly in the Active Alert web app. Host
RPE-85266 Fixed an issue when using Insight with a custom date range where the data in the report was for the previous day. Host
RPE-86008 Fixed an issue in the Insight report that was displaying the wrong day of week for the data that was displayed. Host
RPE-91522 Fixed an issue where a planned route did not update in FleetView. Host
RPE-93454 Fixed an issue where a user received an error when adding orders; "Error code not localized." Host
RPE-93744 Fixed an issue when rejecting or accepting the suggestion for autonomous dispatching, where the user receives an error message that states; Your action could not be completed because the items were modified by another user. Host
RPE-94850 Fixed an issue when importing Equipment types where the variable cost was not using the distance measurement unit from the BU settings. Host
RPE-95130 Fixed an issue when attempting to import mobile devices where the import failed in both the web and the client. Host
XRS-10790 Fixed an issue in the XRS Driver Scorecard where the word Idle is misspelled on the Scheduled Report. Host
XRS-15844 Fixed an issue in the Special Driving Conditions Report which includes a link for each event that displays the ELD Driver Log Report for that driver on that date. Events that occurred in the evening displayed the wrong day of the driver's log due to the date based on UTC time, not on the driver's actual time zone. Host
XRS-15914 Fixed an issue in the Certify Repair Report when all organizations are selected, no data is displayed. Host
XRS-16551 Fixed an issue where the the XRS - Driver Web Service PUT request changed the 'Display Scorecard in Driver Portal' setting from Yes to No. Host
XRS-16743 Fixed an issue in Omnitracs One where a driver edited his logs and the Driver Log Edit Detail report shows incorrect values for the date/time of Record. Host
XRS-17236 Fixed an issue in XRS Vehicle Import where the optional OBC Type values of "Relay" and "XRS Relay" failed to install a telematics device as part of the vehicle import process. Host
XRS-17359 Fixed an issue where the user was not able to unassign an XRS Relay device from a vehicle. Host
XRS-17524 Fixed an issue in Fleetview where the Driver is still associated with the Vehicle, but in the report the Driver and the Vehicle are displayed on different lines (not paired). Host
XRS-18036 Fixed an issue in the Manage Vehicle screen where the user is not able to sort using the TGT Number column. Host
XRS-18097 Fixed an issue in the Messaging inbox where an error message, The maximum duration is 7 days, was displayed when it should not have been. Host
XRS-18140 Fixed an issue in Fleetview when editing a log. A new tab/window opens but does not populate the Driver Log information. Host
XRS-18153 Fixed an issue in the Diagnostic and Malfunction Summary Report. The user ran the report for a date range with data. When the user attempted to click on the information to drill down into the Detail Report, the result was blank. Host
XRS-18157 Fixed an issue when creating a site using a duplicate site ID. The user was not notified that a duplicate ID is not allowed which caused the system to appear locked. Host
XRS-18268 Fixed an issue in the Black Box Report for Overspeed and Excessive Overspeed events. The user gets two pages when run by Driver and over 2000 pages when run by vehicle. The Driver report was missing some events. Host
XRS-18438 Fixed an issue where the user is unable to enter a Hours of Service (HOS) Rule Change in the Driver Log Editor for multiple drivers because the pop up did not display. Host
XRS-18856 Fixed an issue in Omnitracs One and XRS where the system is unable to assign a UVA segment when it overlaps with driving time. Host
XRS-18857 Fixed an issue when assigned a UVA, the user could click to a different day and back again and the checkboxes are no longer grayed out allowing the user to assign the UVA to a driver even though it overlaps with automatic driving time. Host
XRS-18909 Fixed an issue on the Manage eRODS and Data Transfer Extract Jobs page which allows the user to search the results by Driver Name. The search feature began the search but failed to filter the list by Driver Name. Host
XRS-18924 Fixed an issue in Driver Web Services that allowed a user to add an Inactive driver with a duplicate CDL number. The system did not display an error message stating the the CDL number must be unique.  Host
XRS-19038 Fixed an issue in Omnitracs One and XRS in the Operation Profile Report which displayed speed brackets having no value. Host
XRS-19052 Fixed an issue where the truck number was missing from the non-ELD Driver Log Report. Host
XRS-1916 Fixed an issue where the Sent Messages date column is formatted incorrectly. Host
XRS-19354 Fixed an issue where a user was not able to save company edits in XRS Master due to a server error. Host
XRS-19429 Fixed an issue where the user could not save company settings changes after adding a package. Host
XRS-19957 Fixed an issue where the user receives an error message "Failed to edit organization" when attempting to edit an organization. Host
XRS-5693 Fixed an issue where the exported Excel file missed some data compared to the Driver Log Summary Report. Host
XRS-7090 Fixed an issue where the Trip Report by Driver pulled data outside the specified date range. Host
XRS-8385 Fixed an issue in the Fleet Utilization by Organization Summary Report where the Miles as distance data was not converted to metric even though the report header column displayed Kilometers. Organization was set to Metric and the user was in the Organization. Host
XRS-8563 Fixed an issue where the links in each row of the Paper Log Mode report were broken that linked to the Driver Log Editor for that driver and date. Host
RPE-94198 Fixed an issue where the Stop Sequence Score Routes KPI in Insight was not displaying all routes for some days. Insight
RPE-82354 Fixed an issue where the save button greyed out when a user is trying to save the region after making changes. Integrations
RPE-85205 Added a change that will make sure it is not possible to delete a compliance driver from RNA without doing the same in XRS. Integrations
RPE-89285 Fixed an issue where the Save Button in the Region Edit window in Latitude was grayed out but working properly in the Client Navigator. Integrations
RPE-91659 Fixed an issue in OT1 where users were unable to edit the Vehicle / Trailer ID.  Integrations
RPE-92818 Fixed an issue when importing a Worker to update a new Primary Region that resulted in the failed import displaying an error "Unknown Compliance Error." Integrations
RPE-92961 Fixed an issue where users were unable to add two AMG-C devices in RNA.  Integrations
RPE-93168 Resolved unexpected error that would arise during "create routes" step. Integrations
RPE-93238 Fixed bug in the REST API, if a /dailyplan/routes/ PUT or PATCH request was called with the route entity key as a path parameter and the routing job ran for more than 30 seconds. Integrations
RPE-94134 Fixed an issue where Culture for Portugal was using Portuguese instead of Portuguese (Portugal). Integrations
RPE-94219 Fixed an issue when creating a service window type and the customer has Portugal as their culture displayed an error message: There was a problem contacting the server. Integrations
RPE-94322 Fixed an issue where the Israeli Time Zone is showing +2 GMT when it should have been +3 GMT. Integrations
RPE-94690 Fixed an issue where OT1 shows the Session Date format in US instead of UK EU. Integrations
RPE-94757 Fixed an issue where the Transit Matrix Builder would consistently run a few days behind in request processing. Integrations
RPE-95062 Fixed an issue when launching Roadnet Anywhere, clicking on Change Password resulted in a fatal error message. Integrations
RPE-95400 Fixed an issue when importing delivery days did not accept numeric values. Integrations
RPE-99043 Fixed an issue where the time zone suffix was incorrect for Berlin, Stockholm, Rome, Brussels, Vienna. Integrations
RPE-99914 Fixed an issue in the Omnitracs One REST API where Custom Properties are not populated in the "ordersInfo" element. Integrations
RPE-91286 Resolved error where users were unable to calculate routes to Hudson, CO. OTNav 1.0
RPE-98194 When the Customer doesn't have licenses for OTNav 1.0, the application is NOT listed in the RNA portal under Administration > Application downloads. This will ensure that the Omnitracs Installer only sets the navigation app that is licensed to the account. OTNav 1.0
RPE-95478 Fixed an issue where the Idle Fuel value was recorded incorrectly. Performance Monitoring
RPE-98000 Fixed an issue where there was a Movingtime miscalculation due to the calculation being performed before receiving all of the data. Performance Monitoring
RPE-98001 Fixed an issue that caused  Drivetime to be  greater than zero when Movetime was still equal to zero. Performance Monitoring
RPE-98003 Fixed an issue that caused  MovingTime to be greater than DriveTime. Performance Monitoring
RPE-98009 Fixed an issue that caused ParkIdleFuel to be greater than IdleFuel. Performance Monitoring
RPE-98010 Fixed an issue that caused  ParkIdleFuel + PTO Fuel to be  greater than IdleFuel. Performance Monitoring
RPE-98011 Fixed an issue that where stationary events were created incorrectly which caused accumulator issues around fuel use. Performance Monitoring
RPE-98012 Fixed an issue that caused PTO Time to be greater than zero while PTO Fuel was zero. Performance Monitoring
RPE-98013 Fixed an issue that caused PTO Fuel to be greater than zero while PTO Time was zero. Performance Monitoring
RPE-98706 Fixed an issue that caused IgnitionState and IdlingEvent that are based on RPM and Speed to include unnecessary data. Performance Monitoring
RPE-101213 Fixed an issue where the reported Overspeed Time exceeds the reported Moving Time. Performance Monitoring
RPE-101215 Fixed an issue where the reported Cruise Control Time exceeded the reported Moving Time.  Performance Monitoring
RPE-101216 Fixed an an issue where the reported Top Gear Time exceeded the reported Moving Time. Performance Monitoring
RPE-88585 A bug was fixed whereby Transfer Session returns an unexpected error when a territory's equipment type contains compartments. Planning
RPE-89869 Fixed a bug where the Strategic Planner license count included territories in deleted Business Units. Planning
RPE-90264 Fixed a bug where 'Transfer Session' generates an unexpected error. Planning
RPE-93170 Fixed a bug where a stop's service time did not recalculate after changing the Service Location's Service Time Override.  In this case, the stop had an 'adjusted service time'. Planning
RPE-93536 A bug was fixed whereby the Route Navigator application terminated when users attempted to open the Recurring Orders window. Planning
RPE-93691 Fixed the REST API - POST LOCATIONS that did not automatically use the Region's Default Time Window Importance. Planning
RPE-93739 Fixed a bug whereby the application counted deleted modeling planning sessions thus 'Modeling Territories Used' displayed the wrong value. Planning
RPE-94260 A bug was fixed whereby the Strategic Planning manifest opened using a deleted planning session.  Deleted planning sessions are no longer visible.  Planning
RPE-95476 Fixed an issue in Strategic Planning in the 'Week' grid window where the following columns were not displayed: Load Size1 (graph), Load Size2 (graph), Load Size3 (graph), Total Delivery PTE (size1), Total Delivery Size2, Total Delivery Size3. Planning
RPE-98920 Resolved an error where a fatal error would occur when attempting to export a planning solution. Planning
RPE-99120 Fixed a bug where the Total Delivery Size 1, Size 2, and Size 3, and Total Pickup Size 1, Size2 and Size 3, columns where not visible in the Stops grid window.  Planning
RPE-99770 Fixed an issue in Strategic Planning when the user attempted to create a recurring order, received an error message "Add Item Error - An unexpected error has occurred". Planning
RPE-65311 Fixed an issue where users were unable to run the Position History report for more than eight days in RNA. Reporting
RPE-83322 Fixed an issue where the customer is retrieving the odometer reading from one piece of equipment in OT1, but they are getting conflicting results that do not match what is in OT1 Equipment Position History report. Reporting
RPE-86208 Fixed an issue where the default region changed in OT1 after filtering on a region in FleetView. Reporting
RPE-86909 Fixed an issue where the Service Detail Report is not showing data for the Service Location. Reporting
RPE-87138 Fixed an issue where the Service location statistics report does not show the correct per unit time when running the report for a date range.  Reporting
RPE-87663 Fixed an issue when running the Telematics Diagnostics Report, it displays a few devices multiple times when running the report for multiple regions. Reporting
RPE-89332 Fixed an issue with the Idling Report that was displaying Inaccurate Total Idling Time. Reporting
RPE-90114 Fixed an issue when the admin was pulling out the Driver performance extended report; they were getting the "Error loading report, error running report, unexpected error" message.  Reporting
RPE-93026 Fixed an issue when clicking on the Scheduled Reports tab, the window spins and did not display any Scheduled Reports. Reporting
XRS-13825 Fixed an issue in the Black Box Summary Report where the user is unable to drill down into event details for overspeed and excessive overspeed events. Reporting
RPE-100206 Fixed an issue in Roadnet Anywhere when using the desktop client and opening a service location, then selecting the geocode tab does not allow the map options to open. Routing
RPE-100780 Fixed an issue in Roadnet Anywhere (RNA) where a user attempted to create a route and received an unexpected error. Routing
RPE-85375 Fixed in issue in Roadnet Anywhere were the user experience general slowness. Routing
RPE-88783 Fixed server response issues when using the Route Planning and Route Dispatching Tabs for a Session.  Routing
RPE-89187 Fixed an issue where a driver attempted to load a route using Roadnet Mobile in the Sandbox environment was receiving an unexpected error. Routing
RPE-89409 Adding a pickup order with required origin now saves origin details. Routing
RPE-89416 The application will display all locations from the shared regions and the service location search won't time out. Routing
RPE-89582 Unassigned orders now showing correct row color based on Alert flags selected. Routing
RPE-89765 Fixed an issue in Route Planning that resulted in a server time out when dragging and dropping Locations or in Dispatching when moving stops from route to route. Routing
RPE-89800 Fixed an issue when moving stops where the server was running extremely slow. Routing
RPE-91231 Handled the Exception and now display the appropriate error message to the user. Routing
RPE-91490 Fixed an issue where a user is unable to delete a Routing Session and receives an error message; The server is busy. Please retry. Routing
RPE-92817 Fixed an issue in Route Navigator, where a user moved a stop and the application closed without an error or warning message.  Routing
RPE-92907 Increased the client-side timeout period when you run the 'Suggest A Route' feature and enable the option to consider 'All Routing Sessions'. Routing
RPE-92978 Fixed issue with empty sequence during line item save. Routing
RPE-93022 Resolved error where Searching regions by region ID does not retrieve all regions for that ID. Routing
RPE-93200 Fixed an issue in Route Navigator, where a user received an error message; "Connection to server timed out" when dragging stops from active routes to the map. Routing
RPE-93252 A software bug that restricted a layover 'Fixed Duration' was fixed.  A layover fixed duration allows times greater than 23:59:59.  Routing
RPE-93256 Fixed a bug whereby the Import Service Locations process returned an error when the service location record contained only Service Window1 Open and Close times. Routing
RPE-93333 Periodic failures when posting orders to OT1 when a 3rd party integration sends orders and RNA returns 504 gateway timeouts. Routing
RPE-93486 Fixed an issue where Purge_Stops failed. Routing
RPE-93637 Users received fatal errors when attempting to select Speed Assign from the Right Click Menu on Highlighted routes. Routing
RPE-93695 Fixed an issue where duplicate data error was generated from service window overrides has been resolved. Routing
RPE-93746 Resolved issue where Running Create Routes produces a route template that contains a stop that is not on the template and should not be added based on options chosen. Routing
RPE-93776 When a stop is deleted from a route, it sets its route as null until the purge process. Until then, it could appear in queries. The solution was a query filter to verify that the routes on the stops are not null. Routing
RPE-93813 Resolved issue where Planned Route Path has directions to take driver under an overpass illegally. Routing
RPE-93950 Fixed a bug whereby the Import Orders process returned an error when attempting to delete an error on a built route, even though the Import Orders Option "Alter orders on Built Routes" is enabled. Routing
RPE-94040 Error where routing session is automatically generated for the next day and marked as deleted has been resolved and routes from deleted sessions will not be taken into account when calculating maximum daily routes. Routing
RPE-94043 Data retention/purge process has addressed Update Item error when editing routes. Routing
RPE-94243 Update to make routes take vehicle and hazmat restrictions into consideration when plotting a new route. Routing
RPE-94258 Fixed an issue in the Maintenance - Orders window where an order record is shown twice for the same date and route. Routing
RPE-94948 Route Retrieval process was reworked to prevent plotted routes from disappearing from the map. Routing
RPE-94957 Resolved an issue where the route templates tab would close while switching tabs in RA client. Routing
RPE-95064 General performance fixes addressed this issue of taking a long time to complete. Routing
RPE-95329 Fixed an issue when the user attempts to add an order, either in Maintenance or Route planning, it only shows the locations that were shown in Maintenance>Locations instead of all locations as expected. Routing
RPE-95526 Fixed an issue in the Roadnet Anywhere Client, were the user is sorting by the phone number column in the Service Locations window and received an "Invalid sort expression in the data retrieval request." Routing
RPE-96170 A try/catch was implemented to handle the InvalidOperationException and will log the error details. Routing
RPE-96453 Fixed an issue where a user received an error message: No network detected. Which caused Route Navigator to stop working. Routing
RPE-96465 Fixed an issue when running the service time update tool, the preview returns incorrect results and shows a zero for updated fixed and variable service times. Routing
RPE-98577 Fixed an issue in the Prepare for next day option where the system started processing the order but then displayed an unexpected error message. Routing
RPE-99487 Fixed an issue in Route Navigator that locks up when using the replace function in the Route Templates screen. Routing
RPE-99586 Fixed an issue where the user was running a Route Navigator version that is higher than the server version. The system displayed an error message stating "The version of Omnitracs you are using is newer than the version of the server and you may experience an unexpected behavior, do you wish to continue? Routing
RPE-99888 Fixed an issue where the driver was not able to depart their stop even after completing signatures and verifying all orders.  Routing
RPE-99889 Fixed an issue where the user was unable to Add/Create Routes when Debug Logging Level is enabled on the customer's database. Routing
RPE-103094 Driver directions and Roadnet Routing times and distance values may not match for stops over a 200 mile stem distance Routing
RPE-103176 Fixed an issue in the Dispatcher where after a route is completed the user can edit the actual quantities for delivery or pickup. When they attempted to do so, an error was presented. Routing
RPE-75081 Fixed an issue where the Equipment Position History report time does not match the Position Time in OT1 FleetView. Telematics
RPE-76916 Fixed an Performance Monitoring report where the report runs and displays 0 hours for some workers that had driven several miles. Telematics
RPE-86359 Fixed an issue where fuel data was available in XRS but not displayed in OT1 Reports and Insight. Telematics
RPE-89185 Resolved an issue where the heading value in equipment positions call is showing incorrectly. Telematics
RPE-94848 Resolved an issue where Roadnet Telematics routes would not record engine idling time. Telematics
RPE-94792 Fixed an issue where a user sends a batch of orders with a POST request to /dailyplan/orders endpoint in OT1 REST API, and the request fails with a message stating, Order at index 0 has an invalid session. Web Services
RPE-92393 Removed the entity key requirements on the REST API, SAVE, PUT, PATCH Territory, and updated the REST Webservices documentation. WebServices
XRS-16691 Fixed an issue where the XRS DVIR Web Service - Certify Repair PUT request was changing the  SafeToOperate value from true to false. WebServices
XRS-17330 Fixed an issue in OT1-RDC REST for DriverLogs, where the Vehicle ID is blank. WebServices
RPE-90823 Fixed an issue where the position element with coordinates was missing inside the StopDeparted Event Payload. WebServices - Events