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Omnitracs One 6.7 Host Release Notes for Sandbox and User Acceptance Testing (UAT V3)


We are pleased to announce that a revised release candidate for Omnitracs 6.7 Host Sand Box 1 and Sandbox 2 (UAT V3)  will be available 05-19-2023.  

This release includes a feature enhancement and software corrections in addition to the ones from our earlier release candidates.

Link to UAT V2

Link to UAT V1


Feature Enhancements


Hours of Service 

Hours of Service – Available Hours Report 

A user is now able to exclude inactive drivers in the Hours of Service (HOS) Available Hours Report and the Driver Payroll Report. 


Software Corrections

Work Item Number Issue Component
XRS-16533  Fixed an issue where Compliance Alert Reports did not trigger properly. Compliance Host


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