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Omnitracs One 6.5 Point Release 5-7-22

Omnitracs One 6.5 Maintenance Release was released May 7, 2022. It includes new features, enhancements, and software corrections.


We are pleased to announce that the Omnitracs One 6.5 Maintenance Release was released May 7, 2022. It includes new features, enhancements, and software corrections.


Web Services

New /reports/workercompliance/{entityKey} added to allow for retrieving worker compliance data for a specific worker rather than all workers.  


Clearing Your Cache

In one of our Software Corrections shown below, XRS-16772 requires the user to clear their browser cache. The following information will explain why and how to accomplish this task. 

For deleting the browser cache with a shortcut in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, please follow these steps:

  • Open the browser and select it.
  • Press following keys simultaneously
    • PC: [Ctrl], [Shift] and [Del]


The following articles detail how to clear the browser cache for each supported browser:


What is a Browser Cache?

The browser cache is a local file on your hard drive that stores elements such as images from multi-page websites. The cache is used by your internet browser for quick access and faster loading of web pages.

The cache functions as a tool—it is faster to load webpage elements from your hard drive than it is to download webpage elements from a remote server. This saves not only time, but also network bandwidth.

Why Clear the Browser Cache? 

Because websites change and update with new information, tools, or features over a period of time, elements stored in a browser's cache may not reflect features currently coded into the website. For example, if a company updates a logo or adds a new feature to their website, the browser's cache will not have that new element and as a result the website may not load and/or function correctly.

It is important to clear your browser cache from time to time, or whenever you encounter any issues with a website.


Software Corrections

Work Item Number



RPE-87092 Fixed an issue where FleetView gets stuck in an infinite loop when adding an unassigned order to a new route. Dispatching
RPE-87543 Fixed an error where any user that has the System Non Admin role are receiving an unexpected error when attempting to add an Unassigned order in Fleetview. Dispatching
XRS-16772 1. There was an issue in the Driver Log Editor that resulted in an error message "The selected date is later than driver's current date" under specific circumstances during the short period the office user was a day ahead of the driver's local timezone's day.  Previously, the date value or range was based on UTC server time. When the server time changed to the next day and the driver's time zone is still in the current day, the error occurred. This issue has been resolved by building the list based on the driver's time zone rather than server time.

2. The user would also experience a Spinning Wheel progress indicator as a result of restricted editing of uncertified driver logs. This issue has been resolved by allowing the user to reselect correct dates and edit driver logs.

Note: To resolve this issue the user will need to clear their browser cache.

Click Here for Instructions
RPE-83637 Fixed an error where the user receives a smaller number of results than expected based on pageSize, even before you get to the last page of results. This occurred because the API skipped past any non-compliance workers, even thought these workers still count towards the pagination. Integrations
RPE-86700 Fixed an issue where a new user or a user that had their passwords reset, get stuck in a change password loop. Integrations
RPE-87525 Issue causing an unexpected error to occur when using "stops" or "all" "expand" query parameter has been resolved.   Integrations
RPE-87541 Fixed an issue where the Driver Duty Status is not updated due to missing driver information. Driver license number, issuing country, and issuing state are required fields.  Integrations
XRS-9825 There was an issue preventing the host from being able to read the phone number off the device, forcing the user to enter the phone number. This has been corrected and the phone number is now read from the device. Mobile
RPE-82030 There was an issue in Roadnet Anywhere when a user attempts to run the Telematics Diagnostics Report two regions which results in an unexpected error. This issue has been resolved. Telematics
RPE-85069 There was an issue where GPS Data in FleetView Route Cards were delayed for more than an hour. This issue has been resolved. Telematics
RPE-85321 There was an issue where Roadnet Telematics Fleetview was unable to invoke Remote Vehicle Shutdown or Re-enable vehicle. This issue has been resolved. Telematics


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