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Omnitracs One 6.5.3 Release Notes - 7-16-2022

The Omnitracs One 6.5.3 release was released on July 16, 2022. This release includes enhancements, and software corrections. There is no mobile or Routing & Dispatch client associated with this release.


We are pleased to announce that Omnitracs One 6.5.3 was released on July, 16, 2022. This release includes enhancements, and software corrections.

There is no mobile or Routing & Dispatch client associated with this release. 


New Enhancements

The enhancements section describes the changes included in the release.

Performance Improvements

Improvements were made to the order locking process in routing.  This should both improve performance and reduce errors such as “server busy” performing common routing tasks. 


Software Corrections

Work Item Number




Fixed an issue where a user was not able to run the Active alert report and received an unexpected error.

Active Alert


Improved the customer experience on the Active Alert Web App's home page regarding Sign In and Sign Up.

Active Alert


Fixed an issue in a database function that was affecting UVA editor performance.



Fixed an issue when saving a region that resulted in an error message HOS Rules validation failed.



Fixed an issue where there was a delay on the map showing the drivers current position.



Fixed an issue when creating a Driver Trip. Trip failure was caused when there was more than one service location returned in one of the stops when posting the trip plan to RNA. The Share to All feature was improved to remove duplicates.



Fixed an issue in the Exported HOS Violation Detail Report CSV File that was not displaying the organization's region for each line and the number of days with Violations was filled out incorrectly.


MA3PI-2786 Fixed an issue where duplicate files were received from TMW TotalMail contained the same file contexts for the same trip or stop ids with the same “transId” and caused an error within the integration.  These are now being identified and ignored, preventing any errors directly related to duplicate files being sent by TMW TotalMail. OT1


Fixed an issue where the customer was experiencing server busy errors when moving stops to routes.



Fixed an issue where Telematics Devices are missing when running the Telematics Diagnostic Report for Multiple Regions.


RPE-89035 An internal server error was fixed when the application attempted to consume the REST service, PATCH /strategicplan/strategicRouteAssignments/{entityKey}.  It is now possible to add Strategic Planning routes with a valid stop sequence through the REST API. Web Services


Fixed an issue where calling the OT1 REST endpoint to retrieve worker status events resulted in a Gateway time-out from the XRS events endpoint.

Web Services

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