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Omnitracs One 6.5.3 Point Release 8-9-2022


The Omnitracs One 6.5.3 Point Release was released August 9, 2022 and includes software corrections.


Software Corrections

Work Item Number



XRS-16801 Fixed an issue in Omnitracs Host XRS Fleet Utilization Report by Vehicle (CSV) export that was partially missing data. Compliance Host
XRS-17687 Fixed an issue in Omnitracs Host when assigning Unassigned Vehicle Activity (UVA) events to a driver. The first set of UVA assignments worked, but when assigning a second set the attempt failed. Compliance Host



The browser cache is a local file on your hard drive that stores elements such as images from multi-page websites. The cache is used by your internet browser for quick access and faster loading of web pages.

The cache functions as a tool—it is faster to load webpage elements from your hard drive than it is to download webpage elements from a remote server. This saves not only time, but also network bandwidth.

Why Clear the Browser Cache? 

Because websites change and update with new information, tools, or features over a period of time, elements stored in a browser's cache may not reflect features currently coded into the website. For example, if a company updates a logo or adds a new feature to their website, the browser's cache will not have that new element and as a result the website may not load and/or function correctly.

It is important to clear your browser cache from time to time, or whenever you encounter any issues with a website.

Clear the Browser Cache After a New Release

With each update to the Omnitracs One platform, the Omnitracs One site may have changed. There may be new page elements, updated locations of tools or reports, or improved features. Whatever the changes may be, it is important to clear your browser's cache to make sure you are getting the full functionality of Omnitracs One.

How Do I Clear the Browser Cache? 

The following articles detail how to clear the browser cache for each supported browser:

•    Clearing the Browser Cache when using Internet Explorer
•    Clearing the Browser Cache when using Mozilla Firefox
•    Clearing the Browser Cache when using Google Chrome

Supported Browsers 

The Omnitracs One platform currently supports the current version of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers.


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