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Omnitracs One - Point Release 2-5-22

The Omnitracs One - Point Release was released on February 5, 2022 and contains the software corrections.

The first item below denoted as Routing Client, will require users to upgrade to the new Client to receive that correction.

Issue key Release Notes Components
RPE-81370 Resolved issue where various query actions in the Routing Client that could result in "Server Busy" error message. Routing Client
RPE-83298 Moving Equipment to Top Level no longer removes the Relay association in the Compliance database. Compliance
MA3PI-2420 Changes implemented to prevent application logs from consuming disk space on API server. Drive API
RPE-83402 Correction to address Drive API ReplaceDocs endpoint calls return "index out of range"  and "level 2 doc returned from RNA  without external key" errors. Drive API
RPE-83403 Correction to address DriveAPI error "Cannot update planned stop XYZ that has already been arrived." Drive API
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