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Omnitracs 6.0 HF-02 Release Notes


The following software corrections are included in the Omnitracs One 6.0 HF-02 release. 


Software Corrections

Release Notes Component

Several lists in the Omnitracs Client, including the Routing and Dispatching stops lists, did not display a column for Location Categories. The column has been added to the appropriate lists.

An issue was reported where users with Passes and Pass Templates that have Filters containing Service Location Categories were unable to create routes. This has been resolved.
There was an issue where saving a region in Omnitracs Client would  delete the region's default workflow. This has been corrected.  Administration
There was an issue preventing some drivers from being able to log in to Drive. This has been corrected. Drive
There was an issue that was preventing SmartForm tasks that were created prior to Omnitracs One 6.0 from appearing in the Task Library after the upgrade. This has been corrected.  Drive
There was an issue preventing some routes from showing up in Insight. This has been corrected.  Insight


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